Monday, 30 April 2012

Going offline!!!

Well folks, it's time for me to pack up my computer for the move!  It's all happening and, while I felt pretty good this morning, this evening I'm feeling stressed that there's not enough done and the Big Fella will freak out about what's left when he gets here.

Ah well, it is what it is and will be done when it's done.  In theory I could pack and clean all night and all day tomorrow then totally crash at my grandparent's place tomorrow night, but I don't operate very well on no sleep.

I was reflecting today that sometimes, even when we're not moving, we don't realise we've already had our last conversation with someone who added something to our life.

For example, I won't get to talk to our garbage truck driver again but we've previously had mini conversations as the Little Big Fella insisted on going out twice a week to watch the rubbish truck.

Or the guy who works in the caravan park behind us and we used to chat to regularly.

Or the lady who sells Body Shop here and has a lovely daughter who she struggles with.

Or our neighbour who just moved in a month or so ago and invited the Little Big Fella over for a play today so that I could finish mowing.

People come in and out of our lives all the time, sometimes for a short time, or sometimes for a season.  They add to the richness of our lives in the smallest conversation or gesture, or sometimes they add a lot.

I enjoyed reflecting on the "people in my neighbourhood" (come on, are you humming it in your head yet???  Gotta love old school Sesame Street) today.  It made me smile and it reminded me of how grateful I am that life is not lived in isolation, but in community.

I'm looking forward to the new community we'll be becoming a part of.  I hope it's as good or better than this one!

Oh!!!!  You may remember I mentioned briefly about the Little Big Fella's first swimming lesson without me in the pool two weeks ago?  He bawled his eyes out and was completely morose for the whole class.  Last week he was better after a while, but needed encouragement to get in the pool.  Today he practically jumped in the pool with excitement!  It was so good to see him enjoying it so much.  And he's developed so much in these three lessons, which makes me really glad we did it.

Okay!  The truck's nearly here and I gotta cook dinner and then pack up the computer.  See you in a few days!!!!!!

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