Friday, 20 April 2012

A cleaning and packing kind of day

Yesterday afternoon the landlord dropped off a big ladder for me so that I could clean the outside of the upstairs windows.  So today I got to do that.  Yay!  (Okay, mild sarcasm in that yay... sorry.)

But, I have a little confession... I'm a little bit afraid of heights.  Not in buildings or rides where I feel fairly solid and safe.  But on ladders that have the potential to suddenly throw me to the ground I feel a little... insecure I guess.  And there was no one around to hold the ladder for me so I had a go by myself.

No doubt this was bad for the window but I didn't want to have to go up more than once, so I put it there and cleaned around it as best I could.  It'll probably drive me mad when I clean the inside of the window and see the bits I missed!

And then I needed to clean the Little Big Fella's bedroom window, but that little bit of shade-cloth-covered entry is right in the way.  So I got to climb up the ladder onto the iron-covered patio, then balance my way along the supports of the shade-cloth entry to his window... after testing that it would hold my weight of course!

There was no way to clean the dining room window though - it's above the stairs on the other side of the house and I couldn't work out how to do it.  If anyone has suggestions, I'd love to hear them!

So I got the outside of the upstairs windows done, and the inside of the kitchen and Little Big Fella's rooms.  I also packed two more boxes of stuff from the shed, two boxes from the linen cupboard, cleaned the cabinet and blinds of the downstairs bathroom (I hate venitians!!!), and the disgusting dusty fan from the Little Big Fella's room (I'm so embarrassed that he used that all summer!).

Although I worked all day, it feels like I've hardly made a dent in the things that need to happen before moving day (only 11 more sleeps).  It's a bit disheartening really.  But then I remind myself that I still have over a week to go and the big jobs (ceilings, windows and walls) are half done.

I have 3 rooms of ceilings left to clean, 4 big windows and 3 little ones, all of the walls in 11 rooms, plus the rest of the packing and all the other bits and pieces and running around that will be required.  Plus food shopping and preparation, laundry, looking after and playing with the Little Big Fella and trying to get enough sleep.  It'll be a snap!  Ha!

Oh!  And in between cleaning and packing today (a girl's gotta have a break to eat, drink and get on the net!), I discovered this website (and several of the links) through Pinterest.  Turns out there are other organisational freaks like me in the world!!!  Oh to have cupboards and storage like that!

And on that lovely note, I'm going to bed to dream about pretty boxes and having enough space for everything.  Sweet dreams everyone!

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