Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The first goodbye

This will probably sound strange, but it's finally hit me that we're leaving.  Despite all the packing and cleaning and planning (or perhaps because of it), and despite the many previous moving experiences, I hadn't really emotionally connected with the fact that there are people we will be leaving that we aren't likely to see again.

This morning we caught up with a friend and her two girls at a local park.  My sister and her two boys ended up joining us too.  When it was time to go my friend gave me a card and a hug, wished us good luck and reminded me to let her know when we're in town so we can make a play date.

And it suddenly hit me; this is my first goodbye.

And it made me sad.

Then I realised there are going to be more goodbyes over the next two weeks.  And that made me sad too.

This afternoon we went and visited Poppy.  He took the Little Big Fella around on the tractors and let him play with his remote control helicopter (even though the Little Big Fella thinks the point of it is to make it crash).  And we had a cuppa and a cake.  And we felt the coming separation and it was sad.

And it's okay to feel sad.  It really is.  Because the people that you meet make a contribution to your life so being separated causes a vacuum that they filled with their love and friendship and laughter.

So I'll feel the sadness and the loss.  I'll miss my family and my friends.  I'll remember the great times, and the unique contributions these people have made to my life, and it will make me smile.

And I'll start again and make new friends because life wouldn't be so great without the love, friendship and laughter of others.

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