Sunday, 15 April 2012

A toddler kind of day

We've had a rather full day today, although it started quite slowly.  And almost everything we did was for the general enjoyment of our not-so-little 3 year old.

The Little Big Fella and I got up and watched "Despicable Me" together this morning.  I really like that movie!  It has some great lines and adult jokes, and the story is a lovely redemptive theme.

After a bit of breakfast and what have you, I decided it was time to tackle some more ceilings.  Cleaning the ceilings is most definitely my least favourite moving house job!  It beats windows and even the oven (yeah, I do the oven a little more often than just moving time, but it's a crappy job too!).  I did the bedroom ceilings the other day and was in agony the next two!!!  (You can tell how often I haven't been to the gym lately huh?)  My poor shoulder and under-arm muscles were so incredibly sore, I could hardly do anything that required the smallest bit of arm strength!!!!

So I got the loo, bathroom and hallway ceilings done (and I'm starting to feel it already... sigh), baked and iced a quick fudgey chocolate slice then decided that the Little Big Fella and I should go out to the airport for a little light entertainment.

The plane was late!  Like, 40 minutes late!  But once we were there, I couldn't say "let's go" because watching the airplanes land is one of the Little Big Fella's favourite things to do!!!  So we sat on the floor and waited.  I'm laughing at myself right now because who would choose to go to the airport and wait for an aeroplane that you're not even going to go on???

But while we were there we met and chatted with a lovely 5 and 6 year old brother and sister from Sydney.  They were quite sweet and the Little Big Fella told me they were his best friends by the time we left :-)

Next stop... lunch!  Chicken nuggets or pizza?  Surprisingly the Little Big Fella chose pizza so we stopped at the pizza shop on the way home... but they were closed!!!  Chicken nuggets or pizza?  Definitely pizza.  So we drove to the other end of town and ordered a pizza.  Sat around (amazingly patiently I have to say - although not exactly quietly) for about 15 minutes then the Little Big Fella ate all the prawns while he was waiting for the pizza to cool down - he loves prawns :-D

A quick trip across the carpark to McDonald's to use the facilities and playground then across the carpark the other way to the mall to exchange some running shoes.  I can't remember why, but we ended up going through the mall and the Little Big Fella played in a coin-operated Ferrari-type car (without coins of course) for at least half an hour!!!  Talk about cheap imaginative entertainment!  He had a ball and was doing all the driving noises and telling me where he was going and what he was doing.  It was quite entertaining for both of us really :-D

My sister called and suggested we join her and her family at one of the local parks for a play and BBQ dinner, which we cheerfully agreed to.  After collecting some stuff from home (and changing to suit the coming evening weather conditions) we toddled off to the other end of the bay and had a really wonderful time with my nephews, sister and brother-in-law.  It was relaxing, easy, fun, yummy... just about perfect really (especially once the lights came on so we could eat our dinner with some comprehension of what it was we were consuming).  We spent about 3 hours on the beach, in the playground and eating tea and I have to say I feel an awful lot more human after all that adult conversation (thanks heaps sis!).

On the way home we saw some fire twirlers on the oval so we stopped and watched them for about 5 minutes.  The Little Big Fella was quite enthralled by it all (he loves fire) but then told me he was ready to go home.  He was so deeply asleep by the time we got home (less than 10 minutes later) that I had to wrestle him around to get his night nappy on (forget the pjs tonight!).

Follow all that with a great chat with my hubby on the phone, and it's been a good day!  Happy sigh :-)

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