Sunday, 29 April 2012

Moving with a toddler


That is all.

Okay, it's not quite all.  When we first knew we'd be moving towns (about 6 months ago) I read a bunch of suggestions online about how to help a toddler through this major upheaval in their little lives.  I read about books that help them understand (at least a little) what is going on, having parties with friends, packing their own things, keeping normal routines and talking about all the great things about moving.

Nothing I read mentioned how absolutely shirty they could get, and that you'd get to the point where you wanted to strangle them!!!

I guess I should have known.  I mean, we have our bad days anyway so adding a big unknown change would obviously exacerbate those.

But, seriously!  The past few weeks, as things have started disappearing into boxes and Mummy has been busy packing and cleaning, the Little Big Fella has turned into this horrible little cranky monster.

It all culminated today in major tears and crankiness when we visited my grandparents this evening.  He LOVES Poppy especially and is so excited when we visit them.  But he hadn't slept this afternoon when he really needed it, we didn't get to do his favourite things with Poppy (flying the radio-controlled helicopter and riding on the tractor), and Gran cooked a lovely quiche that he wouldn't eat.

Sigh.  What is it about being around family that can sometimes make you feel like the worst parent in the world?  In my case I think it's that I had such high expectations of what kind of mother I would be and how my child/ren would behave and things haven't turned out that way.  And I guess I've made decisions that have led to some of the issues I'm currently facing with my gorgeous (no, that wasn't sarcastic) son.

Anyway, if you're moving (especially further than the other side of town) with a toddler, let me warn you:

You're going to have some super bad days and they will play up more than you might have seen before!

But you know what?  We've also had some gorgeous moments these past few weeks.  He's obviously been vulnerable and has needed extra cuddles and attention sometimes, which has led to some lovely conversations and (especially when I make the time for it) close, caring, loving moments that are the sweetness that makes life (especially when you're stressed) not only bearable, but wonderful.

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