Monday, 2 April 2012

The best bit about today

It's become pretty normal that when the Big Fella heads back up north, either the Little Big Fella or I end up having a down day, or two... or three.  This is day three and I am definitely the one having the downers this time.  The first day really sucked, yesterday sucked but was better than Saturday, and today was almost normal.

I realised today that if I don't have human contact (other than the Little Big Fella) in those first few days, it's always worse.  And if we don't have anything in particular to do, that makes it worse too.

As a side note, I think I'm realising that if I'm too inactive (physically or mentally) my happiness will almost always drop.  I think I need some kind of mental stimulation, and enough tasks to keep me occupied for me to be consistently happy.

Hmmm, I'm guessing this particular downer is also part post-party slump as well as Big Fella leaving slump.  Ah well, moving will get me busy soon enough :-D

So anyway, we did a few fun things today.

After a slow start I decided we needed to do a tip run.  There's a HUGE pile of palm fronds under our front stairs that has been building up for a while.  Let me just say, palm trees are great!  Until you live with them!  Palm fronds SUCK!  They all fall off at the same time so there's too many to fit into the bin.  And you have to chop them up to fit most of them in anyway.

Anyway, back to the story :-)

Got all the fronds into the ute and underneath was a pile of old grass clippings. I thought I'd spread them out a little and make it a bit neater, so I moved it about with my toe (thankfully shoes on), and about 6 mice ran out all over the place!!!  Eeek!  I'm not afraid of mice, in fact, I think they're quite cute but I hate it when things suddenly appear and start running everywhere.  They all disappeared (no doubt they'll show up in the house some time before we move) so we packed up the ute and headed to the tip.

The tip was a fun experience for the Little Big Fella.  There were several diggers and a bulldozer and a couple of other large machines running around.  He's a huge fan of machinery!

Then, because we were so close, we went and visited my grandparents.  Poppy was mowing the lawns on the "big red tractor" (about 40 acres) so we sat down and had a chat with Gran.  Poppy saw us so came over and had a cuppa, then took the Little Big Fella out to help him mow for a while.  I wonder if there's anything the Little Big Fella loves in the world more than riding a tractor with Poppy?  At this stage, I'd say no :-)

This afternoon the Little Big Fella mowed our front lawn.  It was very funny!  There were patches ALL over the place!  And watching him maneuver the mower was quite entertaining.  But he did manage to do the whole nature strip and a couple of other sections almost completely.

We went for a little bike ride and visited his friend up the road too this afternoon.

But the best thing about today was... actually, that's really hard!  How to choose?

  • Tickling the Little Big Fella and hearing him giggle and laugh till he's almost crying (and important skill that - stopping just before the tears start).  That's a fun part of most days :-)
  • I enjoy seeing the Little Big Fella enjoying life.  I love watching him get excited (literally jumping up and down when we got to Gran and Poppy's), and try new things and just have fun.  It always makes me smile.
  • And I LOVED talking to my husband and hearing him say he likes his job!  He really wasn't enjoying the training/school part and we were both a bit worried that he'd hate the job.  But to hear him happy (not just the words but the voice and the way he said it) makes me happy and relaxed.
  • And I enjoyed reading the end of my book and seeing justice in a happy ending.  Reading feels like a decadence these days, so I like to include it in my day fairly regularly.
Nope, I don't think I can choose!  There was lots of good in today.  How about you?  What was the best part of your day today?

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