Thursday, 5 April 2012

We have a house!

Finally!  After nearly 6 months we will get to live together as a family again!  I got a call today from the Big Fella saying we've got the house that he thinks will suit us best and we can move in any time between now and May 5th.  The current thought is that we'll try to move on April 26th (that's only 3 weeks away people!)

So it's all systems go and I have to admit that, despite being fully aware of the possibility of moving around then, I really didn't believe it so kind of freaked out when it became an actuality.  See, I've wanted to move out of our current house for over 12 months.  I even applied for one around here in October of 2010.  And I've been planning and part-packing ever since then.  But almost every box we packed has been opened.  And downstairs is a bit of a mess right now so I don't have space to put the boxes that I now need to pack.

After freaking out a bit this arvo I finally had a chance to sit down and think about what needs doing.  It's a big job!  But at the same time, it's not.  I've broken everything down and made a massive list.  And I've been recalling that we finished packing and cleaned my sister's place in a day (with her finishing it that night and next morning), even with two little just-toddlers running around. And I've got 3 or 4 weeks!  No problem right?

You may or may not know that I'm a list person.  Very much so actually.
I now have a "master" list of everything I can think of that needs to happen before we move.
I have a "main goals" list to help keep me focussed on what needs doing each week before we move.
I have a list with things I need to focus on today and tomorrow.
I have a list of what's currently in my freezers and have done a menu plan up to the 29th based on that.
I am making a "Daily Routine" list to make sure I don't forget to make time for my son and the other "regular" things that need doing.
I have an A3 sheet for each week leading up to the move, separated into days so that I can add extra tasks/thoughts for those days as I get to them.
And I have a list in my phone of people I want to specifically thank or acknowledge before we go.
Oh!  And a list of things to try to help the Little Big Fella cope with the move too.

But the number 1 thing on my list at the moment is to make sure I get enough sleep every night, closely followed by eating well and drinking lots of water.  Gotta look after myself because moving when you're sick, yeah, that's not so much fun!

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