Saturday, 28 April 2012

We achieved a lot!

My awesome sister and her family came around today.  My brother-in-law helped me take our couch to be replaced (amazingly took less than 10 minutes and the rain pretty much stopped while we were out) and my sister looked after the three boys and cleaned and packed.  My bro-in-law also re-hung the wardrobe doors in my room when we got back (we had to take them off because we can't open them all the way with our bed in the room).

After lunch my bro-in-law took the three boys to their place for sleep and play, while my sister and I did almost all the rest of packing (except what we'll use in the next two days, the rest of the office stuff, and some of the outside stuff) and a bit more cleaning.

I'm absolutely knackered but feel like we achieved so much today.  The list that's constantly re-checking itself in my head is fairly calm, rather than somewhat overwhelming.  Yay!!!

You know that tip about accepting help?  I didn't do super well on that one.  Although I have accepted almost all the help that has been offered, I realised that when people offer, I need to make a time straight away because if I don't, when I work out that I actually need help, I feel that they'll be too busy, or were just saying it or whatever.  But people like to help!  And you get so much more done with someone else around!  And, of course, it's fun to hang out with your friends :-D

My sister and I went and bought dinner and drinks then took them to her place and ate with all the boys.  They'd obviously had a full day of play because they were a little hyper and very tired!  We put them all in the shower together then I brought the Little Big Fella home.

And tonight, instead of packing or cleaning anything, I'm going to have a shower and go to bed and sleep peacefully all night!  Happy sigh :-)

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