Wednesday, 2 May 2018

April 2018

April was a bit of a blur for me this year.  Work was crazy busy due to a raft of changes that were being introduced, uni was busy with an assignment that took way more time than I expected, and home and family life was busy as well.

Thankfully there was a bit of VERY fun stuff along the way.

School holidays for Easter were in full swing, and my dear friend, D took the Little Big Fella to the movies, then had him for a sleepover, then took us up to the Tablelands for a beautiful day's hike and picnic.  We are SO blessed to have such great friends, and such beautiful places near by!

Looking down on the spot where we normally swim.  I found out later friends of ours were the ones down there!

The view from our little beach picnic spot

Can you see our little friend?

The Commonwealth Games were in the Gold Coast, which is in our State here in Australia, so there were promo items all over the place.  I really enjoyed seeing the paralympian events integrated with the regular games!  It was so good to actually see them during peak times, rather than normally when they're on during the day when everyone is at work.

I started my first ever mosaic this month as well.  It's fairly basic, and still needs to be grouted, but I quite like it.

Unfortunately I didn't finish any art work this month because my uni assignment took all my spare time.  I'm going to have to push pretty hard to get something done for the high school art show at the end of May.  The challenge is set!

The Big Fella has been working on a new brewing system, which he finally completed in April.  Still a few tweaks to be done, but he's mostly happy with it.

I came home one day after a stressful few days, and found a bunch of roses on my table!  Apparently the Fellas had been shopping and the Little Big Fella suggested they buy them for me.

One of the Big Fella's mates has a 100 acre property about 2 and a half hours from us.  He had a big birthday so a bunch of us went and camped out and spent the weekend with him.  It was so good to get some time out, again in such a beautiful place.

The bigger boys tried to do some electrical work for the shed, while the Little Big Fella dinked his mate on his motorbike.  (Note that helmets were put on as soon as this photo was taken!!!!)

One of the guys has a clay target "trap", so everyone had a go with the shot guns.

Meet some of the piglets!  They thought I was bringing them food and were HIGHLY unimpressed (and noisy) when I didn't.

On the night of the actual party, one of the ladies brought out her face painting stuff and entertained the kids for a while.

The aftermath!
The night before ANZAC Day, the local junior footy club held a glow run.  The Little Big Fella and I went along for the fun and caught up with a bunch of friends at the same time (I haven't got their permission to put photos up, so you just get the ones of us).

They had a bit of a disco afterwards, with plenty of black lights to show the glow.

I ended up going to the ANZAC Day dawn service the following morning.  It's an interesting tradition, quite strong here in Australia.  It began as a commemoration of the Australian and New Zealand troops' participation in World War I, but now symbolises the "coming of age" of the two nations, and a recognition of our participation in conflicts since.  As all of the WWI veterans have now died, and many from WWII are gone, it's becoming common for their youngest living relatives to wear their medals at the dawn service or in the morning march, and "keep their memories alive".

Well, that's about it for April, 2018.  I'll finish up with a few photos of the bees in my basil - little native ones and "standard" ones.  See you at the end of May!

Sunday, 8 April 2018

March 2018 Done and Dusted!

Following on from last month, we now have temporary stairs at the back door.  We had a ladder kind of stairs, but the job is going to be a bit bigger than we first anticipated (isn't that always the way?) so the Big Fella amended them so they're more stable and comfortable to use.

Uni was off and running in full swing, and I handed in my first assessment.  I haven't got my results yet, but the Big Fella said it was "actually really good", which is a massive compliment from him on a first read through of a uni paper!

Peppa thought she'd help me out with my studies

We finished up the Little Big Fella's cricket season for 2017/2018, which is a relief but we miss the new friends we've made.  Definitely need to make a few catch up times before the next season starts!

A 4am wake up for the last game of the season was balanced with a beautiful drive, with the sun rising through the fog.

The Little Big Fella bowling

The team with our super-encouraging coach

A bit of fun at our final practice with a ball machine!

The Little Big Fella and his coach having a chat
The Little Big Fella's class had a performance at the school's weekly assembly this month.  They've been reading "The Twits" by Roald Dahl and sang a song about how gross this old couple is.

I had a parent/teacher interview with the Little Big Fella's teacher.  Unsurprisingly, he's doing really well academically and his new teacher is really pleased with how he's getting along with his class mates.  One thing we discussed though, is that the Little Big Fella hums and makes noises... a lot!  It helps him concentrate, but it distracts the other students (and his teacher).  I know I have a soundtrack in my head almost constantly, so I've talked to him about trying to keep the songs in your head while people are working.  We're also going to try some things that he can (quietly) fiddle with while he's working and see if that helps as well.

I had a lady stop me in the supermarket one day.  She recognised the Little Big Fella from a community event he'd been at and commented that he'd been such a lovely boy.  It turned out she was the aunt of one of the Little Big Fella's class mates.  She made a point of saying that parents often get told when their kids aren't behaving or whatever, but are rarely told that they're doing a good job and she wanted me to know we're doing great.

Definitely have to give kudos to both mine and the Big Fella's parents on this!  Without their excellent examples (not perfect, of course, but excellent) we wouldn't parent the way we do, and the Little Big Fella wouldn't be the awesome kid he is!

The Art Society had a cleaning bee on a Sunday early in the month, and the Big Fella was at work so the Little Big Fella got to come with me.  He was SO helpful and didn't complain once!  We were out in the garden area and he was such pleasant company and the other ladies commented on how great he was.  Makes me so proud!  The hall and gardens are now looking lovely thanks to the combined effort of everyone!

One of our older Art Society members turned 84 so we had a little party for her. I have to say (again) how much I love this little group!  It's such a supportive environment and is SO good for my soul!

Oh!  I finished my picture of the Big Fella, and as promised, here it is!

I have two projects on the go this month.  One for our monthly challenge, and one I'm hoping to have ready for the High School's art show in May.

Updates next month :-D

I had a fun night in with the girls, eating cobb, drinking cocktails and buying linen.  Which reminds me, we haven't planned our get together for April yet!  

We had another haircut and pizza night this month as well, and I got my hair cut from a bit past shoulder length to chin length.  I was waiting for the weather to cool down (it's SO much easier to put your hair in a ponytail when it's hot) but I think I was a little bit early.  It's still in the 30's most days and I have to try to pin it up off my face.  But I love it and it's so nice to be able to do something nicer with it without spending hours in the bathroom.

Unfortunately we had an incident at work, which saw one of our boys in hospital.  It affected everyone quite deeply, and there have been some significant changes at work as a result.  However, I'm ecstatic to say he has been released this week and is recovering remarkably well!

Have I mentioned that I live in a pretty impressive place?  It's semi-outback, but we have a limestone escarpment just "there" and I took a few photos this month.

The Big Fella worked the Easter weekend and it was the Little Big Fella's birthday just before then, so we took the weekend before off and spent it in Brisbane with the Big Fella's parents.  It was lovely to see them and the Little Big Fella was well and truly spoiled again.

Grandma and Grandpa had offered a Segway ride from this place.

After looking at the options, the Little Big Fella chose this electric trike thingy and had an absolute ball, while we sat next to the beach and chilled out.
Of course, you need a birthday cake to celebrate a nearly-birthday!  The spinning candle sang Happy Birthday (and ended up in the bin because we couldn't turn it off).

My mum-in-law and I had a bit of a pamper, getting a pedicure at the local shopping centre.  It was great, except for the foot-tickling part!

Birthdays were always such a special time for me as a kid, and mum made sure we always had a party.  It didn't have to be spectacular, just special.  So despite just getting back from our weekend away, and that things were insane at work, and everyone was getting ready for Easter, we had a few boys around for a party.

It was SO loud!!!!  I reckon it took them nearly an hour to stop shouting every time they spoke!  But we had a great time, some of my all-time favourite games, chips, watermelon, burgers and soft drink, and there were smiles all around.

Definitely a winner of a game!

This one?  Not so much.  The toilet paper kept breaking so they couldn't get a good wrapping going.

Have you ever played this one?  Plain flour is packed into a bowl and turned upside down on a plate.  A single lolly is placed in the middle, then everyone takes turns "cutting" some of the flour away.  Whoever knocks the lolly has to retrieve it without their hands.

And then it was on!  Flour face painting (throwing was stopped immediately!).  Had to follow this with a hose off and stripping down a bit.

The chocolate game... with a twist!

The Big Fella had to go to work at the end of the party and wouldn't be awake in the morning (for the Little Big Fella's actual birthday), so he gave the Little Big Fella his present half way through the party.

Handball in the driveway

The birthday cake.  Not quite as professional as last year, but I had a good teacher and remembered a lot of her tips.  At least you can kind of tell it's not a push bike!

So that's pretty much March, 2018!  I'm glad it's over because it was hectic and difficult, but there were some GREAT memories and people in it.