Thursday, 31 January 2013

A wonderful day

It's funny.  When I think about the day we've just had, it doesn't seem all that fantastic.  And perhaps, if we did the same activities on another day, it would seem like just a good, or regular day.

But looking back on today, I feel wonderful.  I feel happy.  I feel closer to my Fellas.

We got up early and travelled to our nearest large town.  We did a little shopping and then the Fellas took off to the outdoors and gun shop, while I went and spent some of a Christmas voucher the Big Fella gave me.

After lunch at KFC, we headed off to the dam nearby and spent a couple of hours splashing in the water, exploring and skipping stones.  And laughing.  There was a lot of laughing!

And I guess that's why it was such a wonderful day.  We spent time together, playing and laughing.  I think that days like today, particularly moments like those, are the times all these inspirational posters that say, "live, laugh, love" are about.

We got to live together, making the most of the moment, laughing and learning to love one another more.  If only we could all have more of these kinds of days - acknowledging the beauty in life and one another!

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Sweet, blessed rain!

I wrote this post the day our internet went down - 4 or 5 days ago.  Thought I'd share it with you anyway :-)

It's been raining in our little town for about 36 hours, the last 24 or so being constant, soaking rain.

Our back and side yards are flooded.

The road opposite us, that leads across a little river, has been closed.

The road to the coast is closed in several places.  The road between us and the next town has water over it in several places.

We are stranded!

And you might think I'd be worried about it.  But I'm not!

"Why not?" I hear you ask!

Well, a couple of reasons really.

1. We've got plenty of food and other necessities packed away because I was aware of the possibility of getting flooded in once the wet season started.

2. And we have been desperate for the rains to come!  It has been SO dry around here.

3. The rain has lowered the temperature to the point that I'm wearing a t-shirt with sleeves and a long skirt!  After weeks of being so hot I had to prepare the evening meal in the morning before the house got too hot to bear, the cool is such a relief!

4. I now have a clothes dryer!!!!  Yay!  So, even though it's wet, I'm doing loads of washing :-)

I just re-read that last one and realised that I am such a stay-at-home mum/housewife!!!!  Lol!

No doubt I'll be sick of the rain soon enough, but for now I'll enjoy it... and the lazy, sitting-on-the-couch-with-my-fellas-watching-movies time :-D

The weather has turned quite warm since then - I even had the fans on at 7:30 this morning!  Amazing weather, here in Central Queensland!!!

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

First day of kindy

Wow!  It's finally here!!!  My Little Big Fella started kindergarten this morning (the year before starting school) and he woke up SO excited!!!  We've been counting down to this day for about a month, and talking up how much fun he'll have and all of that.

Last week we had a "meet and greet" at the kindy to meet his teachers and classmates.  It was a fun hour and he was so enthusiastic afterwards!  (He decided to wear his Superman suit - he's on a major superhero thing at the moment)

Over the past couple of days I've labelled all of his kindy clothes, lunch box, "school" bag and so on.  And last night I made his lunch and packed it into his new lunchbox (that was a jigsaw puzzle if ever I've tried one!).

This morning I got up a little earlier than normal.  I wanted to make sure everything was ready and that it wasn't a stressful morning.

At 6:07 I heard someone moving about.  Then there was the telltale thumping run down the hallway and my Little Big Fella was in the kitchen asking if today was kindy day.  He was so excited he wanted to put on his backpack and go right then and there :-D

So we eventually got him in his new kindy clothes and took some photos for you all :-D

And then, all of a sudden, it was time to go!

Because of the weather around here lately, the Big Fella was home from work today (you know, it's kind of hard to drive a train when the track has been washed away!) so we all got to go together.

It was slightly organised chaos at the kindy, with kids and parents everywhere, trying to work out what they were supposed to be doing and signing kids in, and finding the lunch fridge and saying goodbyes.  The Little Big Fella headed straight for the sandpit and was quite happy, thank you very much!

But then all the kids had to go inside and sit down on the mat.  I took him inside and sat him down but he suddenly went all "shy".  I can understand though - he's never had to sit down on a mat before in his life, he didn't know anyone there, and Mummy was about to leave.  I quickly took him outside to give Daddy a hug and kiss goodbye, gave him a hug and kiss, popped him back on the mat and told him I'd stand at the door for a minute and then we'd go.

This was obviously my mistake.

He was fine until, after about a minute, I smiled, waved and blew him a kiss. Suddenly the lower lip trembled and his hands went over his eyes and he was crying.  He ran out and hugged me and I tried to tell him it would be okay.

Thankfully at that point one of the teachers came over and asked him if he'd like to help her get the paints ready for everyone.  And that was it!  He was off and so were we!

I've been waiting for kindy to start for months.  I love my son very much, but I've been hanging out for some time alone.

So imagine my surprise when I got about half way through the day and realised that I'd been feeling grief!  I nearly fell over the mop I'd been using to keep myself occupied!!!

Today is the first in a long series of letting go moments, and the realisation that one day my Little Big Fella won't need me was a tad overwhelming.  I guess especially so because I wasn't expecting to have any maudlin-style thoughts either.

Anyway, the day was filled with attempting to food shop in a half-empty store (more on that in another post), house cleaning, lunch and rejoicing in the return of the internet to our house.

Then, all of a sudden, it was time to go and pick the Little Big Fella up again!

When we got there he ran up and told me he'd had a good day, and I got to collect his first (of many, I'm guessing) kindy painting.  He even asked when he gets to go back to kindy, so it was obviously a good day.

It was quite hot today so we decided to go for a swim at the pool before coming home.  We had such a fun time playing together in the water and it was SO nice to be cool after such a hot day!

There was lots of laughter too, because the Little Big Fella was racing the Big Fella from me to the steps of the pool.  Regardless of what happened, the Little Big Fella declared, "I win!".  He even directed the Big Fella to swim toward me from the steps, before launching off me to the steps and claiming to win the race!

We ended up having an early dinner because we were all quite hungry.  The Little Big Fella had a shower and was in bed before it was even dark.  But he wasn't really tired yet.

Just then we got a phone call from one of his friends' mums, asking if we'd like to go to the park and have a play.

So we did!

We ended up having a play for almost two hours.  The sun was down and the lights were on and the boys still wanted to keep playing!  They're really good mates, and seem to have a similar approach to playtime :-)

When we got back home, the Big Fella informed us that his parents had been on Skype and desperately wanted to talk to the Little Big Fella about his first day of kindy.  So we quickly contacted them and had a chat before packing him off to bed.

I read him a couple of books and as he was laying down to sleep he told me a bit more about his day.  Apparently he'd read a book about dinosaurs and had been "teached" during rest time because he didn't have a sleep.

I feel so satisfied tonight.  My little boy is growing into an interesting, fun person and I'm awfully proud of him.

Monday, 28 January 2013


We finally got some rain, after months with little to none!!!  It was SO sweet!!!

But then it kept raining, and raining, and raining.

It rained solidly for about 36 hours, plus the drizzle before and after for about another 12 to 24 hours.

Unsurprisingly, the creeks and rivers flooded.  Our back and side yards were big pools.  And the roads were closed.  In fact, for a day or two there was little chance of leaving our little town and we're still cut off from the major town on the coast.

Our internet is also down, so I'm using the hotspot feature of my mobile and writing on my tablet.  It's a little frustrating, but it works.

Thankfully I'd been aware of the possibility of being blocked in, so over the past few weeks I've been stocking up the cupboards with the foods we eat most of, as well as "emergency" meals like pasta and tortillas that keep well, and had some milk in the freezer.  Yay for forward thinking!!!  

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Old MacDonald had a farm...

Our little chicks, Salt and Pepper, have grown too big for their box, and too big for the cage.  So during the day we let the big chooks out in the yard, and let Salt and Pepper scratch around in the chook area.  If I'm outside, I let them out in the yard as well (the big chooks pretty much chase them down so I prefer not to have them together too much).

Anyway, this afternoon I'd let them out into the yard then went back inside (the Fellas were outside playing on the trampoline and in the sprinkler).

A little while later I hear the Big Fella calling out to me.  He was on the back "deck" (okay, it's not even a metre square, but we'll call it a deck because it has decking timber, okay?), laying down and enjoying the breeze after hanging out in the sprinkler and getting totally soaked.

I looked out the door and saw him laying there.

Then I noticed the two dogs laying right next to him.

Then I noticed the chicks, sitting on his bare tummy!  And while I watched, the black chick wandered up on to his face!!!!

Apparently they'd climbed the stairs all by themselves and perched on top of him.

Guess you can't help it when you've got... animal magnetism (tee hee hee)!

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Horror in the backyard

Yesterday morning I received a text from a neighbour who has chickens.  Apparently their chicken gate wasn't closed properly the night before and a dog had gotten in and killed all 6 of them.

I was so glad I'd shut our chooks away that night, because sometimes we leave them to sleep wherever they like.  Probably a bit stupid being in the country with the possibility of foxes and feral cats or whatever.

Well, later that day I was in the garden pulling weeds (seriously, that is not my favourite job!) and I noticed a visiting dog in our back neighbours' yard.  I assumed that they knew about it and were trying to get this beautiful Husky to mate with their Labrador (or maybe she's a golden retriever - I'm not sure of the difference).

Our little male, Frankie, was not happy to have this Husky hanging around.  I mean, he thinks that yard is his as well, so to have a strange male dog hanging about (and I'm pretty sure he thinks Chloe is his girlfriend) was making him cranky.  The two of them were having a pee contest all over the fence too!  Ew!

After quite a while (at least half an hour, maybe even an hour) the Husky suddenly jumped the fence and attacked our silky chook.  Thankfully the Big Fella was around and chased the Husky away before it got our other chooks as well, but I watched my poor Silky stumble for about 30 seconds before collapsing and dying.

I know it's just a chicken, but honestly, watching that was horrific.  Silky, although she'd been quite shy of us, had become part of our family and it was awful to see her go like that.

The Little Big Fella had heard the commotion and come outside to see what was going on.  He saw Silky and knew that something wasn't quite right.  I explained to him that the dog had attacked her and that she was dead - her life was all gone.

You know, he amazes me, that child.  He accepted it.  Just like that.  It wasn't that he didn't care or understand either, he just accepted it.

The dog was collected by its owner a little later.  Apparently it gets out often and has attacked chooks before.  There's a bit I could say about responsible pet ownership but we'll leave that one alone for today.  Suffice for now to say that he offered to replace the chickens (ours and our neighbours').

The whole incident makes me very wary about letting our chooks roam free in our yard though.  But I don't want them to be locked up in their area all the time either (as nice as it is).  I guess we just have to gamble and hope that they'll be safe!

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

New Year? Bah, humbug!

You might have noticed that I like the Christmas period... just a little bit.  But when it comes to New Years, I am so bah, humbug!

I've been trying for three days to write a 2012 review and/or 2013 plans post but it's just not working for me.  I'm not a new year resolution kind of gal, and generally I'd rather go to bed early then wake up with the sunrise for the New Year.  So, seeing that my heart just isn't in it, I'm moving on!

Yesterday the Little Big Fella "discovered" a bunch of little presents in a box from my parents.  He'd already opened it on Christmas Day but didn't really pay attention at the time.  But on discovering paints in the box, it was on!

We got out the messy mat and an old t-shirt of mine to protect his clothes then I let him go for it with the paints while I took photos :-D  He ended up painting his fingernails (guess what Mummy's been doing lately that's slightly unusual!) and getting it all over his hands!

For some reason I've also had a bit of a clean out bug over the past week so I've been going through the cupboards and drawers and tossing lots of stuff into bags for the Salvos.  So far I have three and a half garbage bags of clothes and linen, about 3 shopping bags of toys and a bag of Christmas decorations all loaded up in the car for the next time I go in that direction.

I also started copying all of my photos from CDs to an external hard drive today.  Seriously big job!  Mostly because I get distracted :-D  I got to remember lots of fun times so I thought I'd share a few of them here:

You've seen this one before, but here's my little boy learning to ride his motorbike.

My 21st birthday!  Isn't this cake cool?  Unfortunately the staff at the restaurant threw out all of the toffee pieces :-(  Fun night though!

This is Alvin.  He was one of our first attempts at owning chooks and ducks.  Yeah, that didn't turn out so well!  The first three chicks all died, then Alvin was all alone so he moved to a new place with lots of ducks.

The Big Fella and I remember this photo being taken.  It was one of the most awkward moments EVER!  We were keen on each other but not together and our friend who took the photo kept trying to get us to stand closer together.  Awkward.

The Little Big Fella was mucking around trying to get into one of our large suitcases around the time that the Big Fella was driving back and forth from here to our old place.  This photo makes me smile, but feel sad at the same time because it reminds me of how much we missed the Big Fella when we were living mostly apart.

Obviously our wedding.  We had so much fun that day and I thought he looked SO handsome in his suit!

This is my Big Fella trying to catch my sister's bouquet!

When we still lived in Victoria I danced with these girls.  For this concert we were dressed as dolls and danced to Gwen Stefani's "Tick Tock".

Here's my Little Big Fella in his first week of life!

The Big Fella and I lived with a couple in Darwin for a few weeks before we moved to our last town.  The couple were in their 60s and 80s and were hippies.  The bathroom that we used had about 12 or 14 of these little frogs in it all the time - they're only about 3cm long.  One day I was showering and screamed!  One of them must have been on my facecloth and had jumped onto my tummy!!!!  Once I realised what it was I laughed.

Here's my biggest fish catch ever!  A barramundi :-)

I finally graduated - it took me about 6 years and I didn't quite complete my degree so graduated with a diploma.

These are my grandparents - my Dad's parents.  I was stoked when I came across these photos on my CDs!

And in the front here are my other grandparents - my Mum's parents.  And all of my Aunts, Uncles and cousins celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary.  We all stayed together for a weekend to celebrate, and dressed up for a bit of a fancy dinner on the Saturday night.

Here's a rare photo of us together - I think it's at Mossman Gorge.  This was definitely the worst holiday we've ever had, but it was good to see the photos and see that we actually had some good times amongst it all.

Lining up in the plastic bags are some of the staff where I worked.  The students got to throw plates of cream at them :-)

This is one of the Big Fella's favourite places!  A Polish deli with all kinds of meats and salamis and smallgoods.  We sometimes went here (it was about an hour from home), bought a whole bunch of things from this deli, and some breads and dips and whatever else caught our eye.  Then we'd find a park or just take it all home and eat it together.

Here's my best friend!  This was at my goodbye dinner before I left Victoria.

This was a constant source of amusement when the Little Big Fella was younger.  He'd often grab the vacuum cleaner from me to suck up his hair, skin, clothes or whatever.  It brought a lot of giggles :-)

This is one of the first times the Little Big Fella and I cooked together.  It's also the time that he fell backwards off the chair and bumped his head.  I ended up calling 13 HEALTH to check what I should be looking out for (in case he had a concussion) and they put me through to the ambulance.  The ambos were absolutely wonderful, and the Little Big Fella was back to his normal self by the time they got there (of course!).

This is the Little Big Fella on the "Little Red Tractor" with Poppy.  This is one of his absolute favourite things to do when we visit Poppy and he normally starts asking as soon as we get there (often before we've even walked in the door).  Luckily Poppy likes it too :-)

The Big Fella and I went to IMax 3D last time we were in Victoria (before the Little Big Fella was born).  There happened to be a group of school kids in the theatre with us and I screamed more than any of them when the shark appeared (it was a sea movie).

The Big Fella decided to smoke some meat using his BBQ.  Unfortunately he "smoked" the patio too - putting a hole in the roof and also on the side, behind the BBQ :-D

Ever wondered why I call myself "ScooterShell"?  This is me on my scooter, long before the Little Big Fella came along.  I ended up selling it while I was pregnant, and bought and awesome camera instead.  I loved my scooter, and one day I'll have a big one!!!!

I was a volunteer at the Commonwealth Games in Victoria, before we moved to Queensland.  It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed meeting lots of different people.

This is my Dad on the trampoline when we were kids.  Nothing like a parent jumping :-D

This is Poppy with his motorbike and sidecar.  When we first moved to Queensland we stayed with my grandparents for a couple of months and the Big Fella helped Poppy re-paint his bike and sidecar yellow :-)

Oh!  And I saw an idea on Facebook just before Christmas where you write down things that make you smile throughout the year and put them in a box.  Then at the end of the year you get to look at what a great year you've had!  So I started that tonight.

Wanna know what I wrote about?

Of course you do!

I wrote about the Little Big Fella and I having a jump on his new trampoline for about half an hour this evening, when he probably should have been having a shower.  We laughed and giggled and tickled and crashed into each other and had a great time.

Yeah, that's a good memory :-)