Saturday, 7 April 2012

Easter Saturday

Reading the free local paper turns out to have been a good move this week!  I saw that there was a mini fair kind of thing going on and that Bugs Bunny would be there giving out choccies, and they were planning egg and spoon races and sack races and what have you.

So I bundled the Little Big Fella on to the back of my bike and we rode up there and had a good couple of hours of fun and entertainment.  There were people everywhere!!!  I've seen busy along there but today was crazy busy!  It reminded me of going to the show in larger towns and cities really.

We got there just before the bunny arrived and locked the bike up.  We ran into one of our friends from Mother's Group (we all met when the kids were a month or so old), had a little chat and then Bugs came across the road right in front of us.  The Little Big Fella was shy so I got a lolly for him then we moved out of the on-coming crush.

We wandered a little until The Little Big Fella saw the sno cone stand and I decided to get one for him.  He really enjoyed it :-).  I had a taste and it was exceptionally sweet so he got to enjoy that one on his own.

We ran into friends from daycare too and had a little chat.

Then the Little Big Fella wanted to have a ride on the teacup ride, which he's never been on before.  I was obviously in the right mood and we went on it together.  I had to employ my old ballet pirouetting skills because I was getting SO dizzy!  He loved it though!  By the end of the ride he was starting to feel dizzy too.

Then I let him go on the carousel as well.  He had the option of going on two huge jumping castles and/or the carousel but he spent the whole time on the horses.

We had a little sit in the shade and ate the snacks I'd brought with me then headed back toward home, stopping at the park for a bit of a play.

We haven't really done much leading up to Easter to make it seem special.  We haven't really talked about it or done any special activities (other than what the Little Big Fella has done at daycare).  But I feel like the hot cross buns yesterday and the mini fair today have made it at least a bit out-of-the-ordinary.  The landlord dropped by this afternoon too and they're having an Easter egg hunt tomorrow morning in the caravan park behind us, which he invited us to.

Oh!  And the Little Big Fella painted some plaster Easter bunnies too - he loves painting at the moment and it's so fun watching him try to hold the paintbrush in a pencil grip and paint so intently.  (Note to grandparents: there is a video, which should be on it's way to you this coming week.)

I got the bookshelf and most of the dining room buffet packed today as well.  And I'm copying all the CDs to the computer as I pack them too.  I'm not getting huge amounts of stuff done each day, but I am getting a little bit done and it's keeping the stress levels down.  I also know (hope?) I'll get a fair bit done on daycare days too.

Anyway, I'm going to attempt to keep my reasonable sleep hour rule and head off to make my bed and lay in it.  Good night all!  And Happy Easter for the morning :-)

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