Saturday, 14 April 2012

The body and happiness

I read a post today from a lady titled "I love my boobs and bum".  The paragraph that particularly caught my attention was
"I don’t believe in scales, I wear what I want to wear – in the size that I want.  If something doesn’t fit – I go up a size – as long as I still feel marvellously womanly – and am still healthy and active – I really don’t give a toss what those numbers mean."

And I realised that I don't particularly like my body at the moment.  I used to look in the mirror and by quite satisfied most of the time.  I thought I was relatively attractive, in pretty good shape, fairly healthy - nothing much to complain about (except when those hormones kick in of course, they always screw your vision completely!).

But these days when I look in the mirror I tend to see mostly negatives.  I'm starting to get wrinkly (mostly laugh lines, but still...), I'm carrying some rolls that are uncomfortable and make me feel unattractive, and I look kind of like a haggard stay-at-home mum most of the time.  And most of my clothes are old and not especially flattering.  I don't feel "marvellously womanly... healthy and active".

Of course, there's only one person to blame... my husband!!!! :-D  Just kidding, of course! But he is a significant motivator for me.  I like to look good for him, I tend to control my eating much better when he's around, I don't emotional-eat so much when we're together and I cook healthier, more nutritionally balanced meals for him than I do for just myself and the Little Big Fella.  So nearly 6 months of living apart hasn't been so good for me.

But I've also been thinking about how the way we see our bodies (and how we treat them) has such a strong link with our levels of happiness.
When I'm happy I look in the mirror and feel okay, sometimes even great!
When I'm not happy, it's all bad!
When I'm happy, I feed my body what it needs and get it moving semi-regularly.
When I'm not, I eat more (and more junk), slob around on the couch and put on weight.
When I'm happy, I dress fairly well, do my makeup and hair, paint my nails, wear perfume and so on.
When I'm not, I chuck on whatever, chuck my hair in a ponytail, and that's pretty much it for the day.

So I wonder, if I start doing the things I would normally do when I'm happy, will that make me feel better?  My guess is it would.  But, do I have the motivation and energy to make myself do it?  That is the question!


  1. Shell, it always helps me to put the right shoes on. That is, if I'm still in my scuffs at 10am I'm in trouble but if I shower early and put my runners on, somehow I feel energetic - works with clothes too when I get home from work - if I don;t get out of the work clothes, I feel geared up and ready to go, but if I get into my houseclothes, instant relax! What you wear affects your mood - try it. :)

  2. Thanks Sondy! I'm generally showered and dressed by 9am at the latest, but I think it depends on what I choose to wear that makes such a big difference, and affects what I think I can do for the day too! So yep, I'm gonna try wearing the stuff that I feel better in (even if I'm just doing housework - there's nice housework clothes and... not so nice ones in my closet). We'll see how it goes hey!