Monday, 26 January 2015

The calm before the stormy season

(Just a quick note before I start this blog post: I know it's been a LONG time since I posted.  I apologise.

For most of last year it was just one extra "job" too many, or I didn't know where to start.  I began full-time work in May and settling into my new role as working-mum was trickier than I expected.  We ended up moving the Little Big Fella from our lovely little school to one in the town where I'm working, the process of which was also quite difficult.  However, he has thrived there and we're very happy with the decision we made.

Having recently caught up with family members, and transferring photos from my phone to my back-up hard drive, reminded me that people actually want to know what happens in our lives, and that we get up to some pretty fun stuff.  So, I'm attempting to re-start blogging.  So, here we go!)


It's the day before it all begins again.  Australia Day, the day before the Little Big Fella goes back to school, and the last day of my two weeks of holiday.

I'm enjoying just being at home without a big list of things that need doing urgently.  I love my job, but 5 days a week means squeezing the housekeeping and food shopping into small time blocks or letting them take up most of my weekend, leaving little energy for much else most weeks.  I fell into the trap of not spending time with people last year, and not doing anything "just for fun". That's a quick way to a downward spiral for me!!!

We've just spent two weeks in Brisbane with the Big Fella's parents, and various members of his extended family.  We had such a great time!

The Little Big Fella swam at a surf beach for the first time ever (and got rolled, which made us laugh and him cry).

The Big Fella and I got to go into the city to a Bavarian restaurant with his cousin and her husband, and another day we got pedicures, both while the Little Big Fella spent time with his grandparents.  It was definitely good for all of us!

We discovered a micro brewery near the city on another day.  The Big Fella got very much into home brewing beer last year (not just from a tin, but from grain), so he particularly enjoyed seeing how his brews compared.  The Little Big Fella loved watching the guys brewing on a larger scale and asking them all kinds of questions.

We spent a day on Uncle J's boat fishing and playing on the beach, and we spent a day at Uncle J and Aunty D's house just hanging out.  The Little Big Fella got to make a ring with the Big Fella's cousin and her husband.  And he got to ride the tractor, and drive the little boat on the dam.  And a fox visited us when we were there for dinner another night.

Being in a city, we had a lot of good food!!!  That's something that will probably always feature in our jaunts away from our country abode :-)

And we did some shopping and a bit of relaxing.  And we spent time chatting and hanging out with the Big Fella's parents, which was really good.  It was a great holiday.

We've been home for a couple of days now and it's been good to just relax in our own space.  As awesome as it was at Grandma and Grandpa's, there's no bed like your own :-)

Last night we watched an electrical storm pass around us.  The lightning was almost constant and it was amazing!!!  That's something I love about Queensland summers - the storms are impressive!

So, today is our last day of relaxing and letting things go as they will.  This afternoon we'll make lunches for school and work, prepare uniforms and pack bags.  The routine of school and work will begin, along with the chaos of "normality".

I have a to-do list once again, and while I'm a little nervous about the workload of the coming week, I'm looking forward to the routine and sense of purpose that it all brings.

Who knows!  I might even take up a new challenge or two, squeeze in a little creativity, and maybe even call family and friends every now and then ;-)