Wednesday, 26 February 2014

I just want to get started already!!!

Blog?  What blog???

Yeah, I've been M.I.A. recently from the blog-o-sphere.  Sorry 'bout that!  We've been busy, the Big Fella has been out of action with sciatica, and I haven't felt like I had anything worth writing about.

As I've said before, it's my blog and y'all can just deal with it ;-p

Several people have mentioned how frustrating my post "Re-dreaming" was.  I apologise for the frustrating element of that.  At the time I was processing and needed to write it out, but wasn't ready to share the details.

When I was a child, my mum used to get very sore feet and she'd get me to rub them.  She told me to imagine how what I was doing to her feet would feel if it was happening to my feet.  In that way I learned how to do a pretty good massage.

By the time I got to late high school, I had to choose an occupation for "work experience".  I chose Physiotherapy, and got to see it in action in a hospital, rehabilitation centre, and in a hydrotherapy situation.  I particularly loved the rehab, but was completely scared off by the level of study required in both completing the degree, and the continuing education requirements for accreditation.

So I decided not to study Physiotherapy.

Life went this way (USA) and that way (Bible College), I got married, we moved states and had a child.  I worked in Customer Service and Administration, and pretty much floated along.

I met several Physiotherapists along the way - at College, on a trip around Kakadu, getting treatment myself.  And every now and then I looked into studying Physiotherapy again, but it was always too hard, or wouldn't fit with our family life at the time or whatever else.

On the day that I wrote the "Re-dreaming" post, I'd taken the Big Fella to see our local Physiotherapist.  I went in to his appointment with him as an extra set of ears, and to see if there was any way I could help him at home.

And it was like someone pushed a button in me!

I watched as the Physio assessed the Big Fella, and could see what she was talking about.  As she explained what was happening and how she could help him, I was honestly inspired!

When we got home I started looking up what options I might have to become a Physiotherapist myself.  Could I do some of it part-time?  By distance education?  Would I need to go to the campus?  Could that possibly work for us at this point in time?  Can I afford to study?  Is it even worth it?  Will I be too old?  Can my body physically do it?

I watched a short video on one of the University's websites and I was sold.  For the first time since high school, when I knew I wanted to go to the USA for Master's Commission, I actually had something I wanted to do!

I can't tell you how much of a big thing this is for me.  I'm a pretty laid back person.  I love being at home and just "bumming around".  And I've been basically happy to go with the flow as work options have come up.

But since having the Little Big Fella, and especially as school came looming up on the horizon for him, I've wanted to do something more.  But I had no idea what!

And now I do and it's got me so pumped up!  I'm really excited about it!

Yes, I know study will be work.  I've done it before and I know I'll probably be in tears at the end of most semesters.

I know it will change the dynamics of our household, and cause financial stress at times.

And I know travelling for residential schools and possibly on-campus classes in the future will be a big fat pain in the butt!

But I want to do this!  And the Big Fella fully supports me!  He said the other day that it's great to see me with a direction for a change.

I spoke to the Uni the other day and it looks like I'm going to have to take a slightly different path into the course than I'd originally hoped.  But it's possible I'll be able to start mid-year.

Honestly, I just want to get started now!  I want to start learning and practicing and trying stuff out.  I want to be able to help people in pain, and to re-gain movement!  I wish I was already qualified so I could help the Big Fella with his sciatica.

But now I have to play the patience game and make the most of this stage of my life.  Because soon I won't have as much "free time" to help out at my son's school, and spend the day baking, and take an impromptu trip, and just sit and read a novel all day (definitely going to make the most of that one before I get sick of reading for a while).

I just can't wait!  Can I start now????

Monday, 10 February 2014


I'm reconsidering a very old dream tonight.  One that I have previously written off, several times.

I'm wondering if it's actually possible.  And if it is, if I actually want it enough to put all the necessary effort in.

What will it cost my husband and my son if I go down this path?  What would have to change in our lives?  Is it worth that?

What would I gain?  Is that worth it?

Am I brave enough to face it?  Am I too old?

Do I really want it?

I watched this morning, and I was fascinated.  I watched this evening and was excited.

Can I truly do this?

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Someone flipped the switch!

What a ridiculously crazy week!!!!  The Little Big Fella has finished his first full week of school (9 days, done and dusted), and I finally had a day at home, alone!  And yes, I thoroughly enjoyed it!  Although, I did clean the oven for the first time since we moved here (almost two years ago), and I hate cleaning ovens, so I guess saying I "thoroughly" enjoyed it is a bit of a stretch.  I do enjoy being able to see through the glass front and seeing that the racks are silver, not black.

Anyway, the Little Big Fella is definitely enjoying school.  He got up on Saturday morning and put his school uniform on, and was quite disappointed to be told it was the weekend and he wasn't going to school for two days.

Over the past two weeks it seems like someone (thank you Miss I) has flipped a switch in our son's brain.

On the first day he was writing his whole name (with a little reminder/help).  We'd been trying to get him to do that over the entire summer break!

From day one he started telling wildly imaginative stories that take 10 to 15 minutes to tell and are incredibly detailed.

He sat down and coloured in a page, choosing the right colours and basically staying inside the lines.  He has never done that before!  He'd always pick whatever colour he felt like at the time, colour a little bit, then scribble all over the page, then quit.

He drew a picture of himself, Daddy and Mummy for the first time ever!  Previously I've seen him draw eyes, nose and a mouth, but not whole people, and never specifically naming anyone.

Every time we pick him up from school, he's done something different and learned something new and wants to show us what he's done.  He's SO enthusiastic!

And then we get home and he wants to practice some more!

The other night we were reading a Spiderman book, and we worked out that he knows most of the letters!  Already!  In nine days!

We had a parent information session on Tuesday evening and his teacher, Miss I, showed us what the kids will be learning in one term (10 weeks).  I was floored!  I am amazed at not only the volume, but the depth of what they'll be learning in such a short time.  And that they have the capacity to learn that is simply amazing.

Although I know there are negatives, I'm loving that he's in a composite class.  There are 24 students in his classroom; 13 Preps, 8 Grade 1s and 3 Grade 2s (I think).  The biggest advantage is that that older kids are showing the new Preppies how things work and what they are aiming to achieve.  Which, so far, is absolutely inspiring my Little Big Fella.

The other night he sat at the desk and "typed" on the laptop.  Then he asked me to read it back to him.  He laughed when I read his gobbledegook.

He's had some of the older kids reading to him in class and he's so eager to be able to read himself!  And he's very keen for me to read to him each night (regardless of how tired I may be).

The one thing Miss I mentioned he needs to work on at this stage (when I asked her) was not interrupting others when they talk.  Which is fair enough.  As an only child, we've allowed him to interrupt us, mostly because it's easier.  So we've been making a point to help him learn to wait for a break in conversation at home.  He'll get there :-)

I'm still waiting for the day he says, "I don't want to go to school today", or, "I have a tummy ache".  I know it will happen sooner or later.  But I'm so stoked by watching him grow in front of my eyes, and simply be excited about everything.

It is awesome.