Monday, 16 April 2012

15 sleeps to go!

The countdown is on!  Two weeks plus one day till we do the big drive and start in a new place.  I booked the truck today and everything is coming together.

And I gotta say, even though I'm excited and busy and whatever else, I'm also a little nervous.  Not about the physical move, or about living up there in a small, outback-ish town, but about the in-between getting-used-to-it-all part.

The Big Fella has been living away for about 6 months so we'll all need to get used to living together full-time again.

How will we go in a new Mum's Group/Playgroup?  New town?  Smaller shopping options?  Different way of collecting our mail?  New library?  Different climate, different demographics... just about everything will be different!

And the Little Big Fella is always shy and nervous around new places and new people.  Today we had his first swimming class without me in the pool (I figured that three classes is better than none) and he bawled for the first 5 minutes - inconsolably!  The teacher tried everything to get him to calm down enough so that he could participate (thankfully he was the only one in the class so he wasn't disrupting others' learning time), but no go.  And I went outside after about a minute, because I know that having me nearby can sometimes make him worse.

Eventually the head teacher came over and told him fairly sternly that he needed to stop crying.  And he did!  He looked so morose for the rest of the lesson and I felt awful (I was watching through the large windows from outside).  But when we got to the end of the class his teacher asked him if he'd had fun and he said yes!  She asked if he'd come back next week and he said yes as if it was a stupid question.

So I know he's fine and he will settle in okay, but it's the getting there that is making me nervous.  I'm pretty certain we'll make good friends and have some great life experiences because of living up there, but all that takes time and I guess I just think this part of the journey is going to be a little rougher than I like.

Ah well, nothing like a little roughness and difficulty to cause you to grow huh?

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