Monday, 23 April 2012

One week to go!

We're down to one week to go!  This time next week the Big Fella would have arrived with the truck and we'll be starting to pack it.  Hopefully everything will be pretty much clean so all I have to do Tuesday morning is clean the floors and possibly a wall or two.  Then we'll take the keys back and start the drive.

It'll be at least a 7 hour drive, but we know there are some large sections of roadworks and we'll have to stop for food and sanity breaks.  My guess is it will take at least 9 hours.  I'm not really looking forward to that part but am hoping the DVD player and roadworks will go a long way toward keeping the Little Big Fella happy.  If he's happy the drive will be easy.  I'm also planning to have our breaks at parks if possible so he can have a big run around and play.

The likelihood is that we'll arrive well after dark and truck unpacking will wait till Wednesday, so the Little Big Fella and I will probably camp out on the floor in the new place.  I have a feeling we won't sleep that well but I'm hoping to be surprised :-)

The rest of the week is, of course, filled with packing, cleaning, gardening and saying goodbyes.  I'm a little worried that we won't get it all done, but I'm sure it'll all come together in the end.  Although the goodbyes will be hard and sad, they're also the highlights of my week because we get to catch up with the people we love and have a bit of play time.

My sister and I will probably go out for lunch or coffee on Anzac Day without the boys, which will be a really lovely change.  And I'm seeing my lovely hairdresser too (she's leaving town soon as well)!  And tomorrow we're catching up with our swimming friends at the indoor play centre.

So the goodbyes are highlights of my week.  Well, maybe not the goodbye part, but the catching up part for sure!

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