Saturday, 31 March 2012

Yesterday, today

Yesterday was wonderful, you-full
Today is wonder-less, you-less

Yesterday the sun shone, colours were bright, scents were rich - divine!
Today the sun shines but all feels grey, and the scent of you is fading

Yesterday I loved your motorbike; I was on it with you, sharing a wonderful moment in time
Today I hate it as it takes you away from me

Yesterday I felt satisfied
Today I feel empty

Yesterday I was happy and nothing was wrong
Today nothing is right and I am discontent

Yesterday the food we ate was delicious!  And sharing it with you made my day.
Today food seems pointless - just fuel in the tank

Yesterday I had you here with me and the coming separation felt like it would pass in the blink of an eye
Today you are gone and the days may as well be months

Yesterday I loved you

Today I love you still

Tomorrow I will love you more

And soon we will be together again, the pain of separation obliterated by the strength of love and the ecstasy of togetherness.

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