Thursday, 1 March 2012


Today started out at about a 4 in the 1 to 10 scale.  But it ended up about an 8 or 9.  Can't complain about that!

I woke to the lovely sound of the rubbish truck.  The Little Big Fella LOVES the rubbish truck and insists on going out to watch it.  So I lay in bed anxiously hoping he'd stay asleep so I didn't have to get up.  He woke up but realised he'd missed it so just snuggled up for a bit.

That was pretty good.

Then we got up and I realised that my stomach bug from yesterday seemed to be gone (yay!) but the cold was definitely still here (boo!).

The Little Big Fella decided he wanted to watch a movie on the portable DVD player we bought.  (The plan was to help in the long drives that are likely to become part of our lives after we move - and for the actual move itself.)  No problems!  We set it up and he started watching it, while I did a little cleaning up.

After a while I hear the movie stopping and starting.  The Little Big Fella has decided to play with the buttons.  Okay, not a great idea but not disastrous.  Ask him to just watch his movie and keep cleaning up.

Then I hear a strange sound.  What is that?

I go into the room and find the Little Big Fella has taken the DVD out of the player and is moving the DVD reader backwards and forwards. NOOOOOOO!!!  Sure enough, we put the DVD back in after some stern words and it won't read the DVD.  I was (possibly unreasonably) angry about this and decided to have a shower (read "time out").

We went outside and cleaned the rubbish bin and talked to the neighbours and I was feeling pretty shocking.  My head was stuffy and I was feeling cranky.

So I decided we needed to go out.  The Little Big Fella was looking much better and I took a Codral and we went to playgroup.

So we did and it was great!  We got to catch up with some friends that I haven't seen in a while and the Little Big Fella had a great play!

When we came home we had some lunch then he went to sleep (thankfully, because it didn't look like he would for a while there).

And while he slept I got productive.  I did the dishes from so far today and yesterday, cut up everything to make pizzas for dinner, made some ginger snap biscuits, did the cooking dishes, put a new button on the Big Fella's shirt, did some internet searching, some online banking, cleared my e-mails and started this blog post.

The Big Fella is due home tonight for the weekend too.  And that always makes me happy :-D  He's planning to take the Little Big Fella to my grandparent's tomorrow to play with the farm machinery and I'll probably do some more work on our party cars (there'll be a post on those as soon as Doc Hudson is done - they are SO cool).

So it looks like it'll be a great weekend!  Happy first of March everyone!

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