Monday, 19 March 2012

The Cars Party

I know!!!  I've been absent for over a week!  Well, after planning for months, (and not sleeping enough over the past week or so) the party finally happened on Saturday morning.  And, despite the rain and no real indoor options, it was pretty good.

The cars were a hit!  The kids seemed to enjoy putting the wheels on them and making number plates to stick on the back.  Unfortunately it was raining from just after the party started so we didn't get to race them.  But the kids all took theirs home, so hopefully they'll get to enjoy them there :-)

The Little Big Fella got some amazing presents (some of which will be put away until after we move - gotta love toy circulation).  The Nerf gun and Octonauts DVD have both been well used already.  He did crack the darkies a few times, as toddlers are wont to do at birthday parties I guess, but overall had a good time.

The cake looked pretty good (we had a minor ashphalt leak in production that didn't show up too badly in the end) and everyone seemed to find it yummy :-)

Because of the weather, everyone was kind of crammed into a couple of dry places - under the carport (where the arty stuff was happening), under the patio (where the food and presents were) and in the downstairs bedroom/lounge where we moved the car mat and cars to.  I think a few of the kids (the Little Big Fella included) reacted a little to the high ratio of people to space so by the time we'd had some food, done the cake and opened presents, almost everyone was ready to go.  We handed out the party bags and most people headed off.  We'd planned the party for 10am to midday but we had everything packed up by 12:15!

I have to say, the Big Fella was AWESOME!  He'd been up in the night but after a little sleep-in helped so much in putting everything out and getting all the food ready.  And after the party, he'd pretty much packed everything up before I'd even turned around!  I married a good one :-)

We spent the afternoon bumming around on the couch watching movies and footy and Octonauts and all went to bed nice and early.  Overall it was a great day!  Happy Birthday Little Big Fella!

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