Saturday, 3 March 2012

A day of frustration ends well

The Little Big Fella happily slept in our bed from around midnight to 7am (yay for sleep-ins, boo for 3-in-the-bed bad sleep).  But then the day was quite warm and he wanted to go to the pool.  Good plan... until the car broke (frustration).

The Big Fella used to be a mechanic so he got to it and tried to fix it... for several hours.  No go.  He really dislikes working on cars at the moment.  That's partly because he's got some of his tools here and some up where he's living.  And partly because he's just sick of working on them (frustration).

After most of the morning trying to keep the Little Big Fella away from tools and such (frustration), we suggested going to the beach to cool everyone down.  But the Little Big Fella doesn't like swimming at the beach and told us so, quite clearly (frustration).

By this time it was lunch time anyway so I fed the Little Big Fella and tried to get him to have a nap.  But, because he hadn't done much active stuff during the morning he wasn't quite sleepy enough (frustration).  After a while I went and made mine and the Big Fella's lunch (I normally sit with the Little Big Fella until he goes to sleep).

As we were sitting eating our lunch, the Little Big Fella (unsurprisingly) crept out of bed making excuses 
(frustration).  Being about 2pm, I let him stay up and we all watched terrible Saturday afternoon TV, getting rather bored (frustration).

But!  (And this is where the day turned great!)  Earlier in the day we'd arranged to go to a friend's place for an afternoon swim/BBQ.  The Big Fella rang them to say we couldn't come because of the car and they said they'd come pick us up then lend us the car for the night.  YAY!

So we packed our bags of swim gear and toys and BBQ stuff then went 'round there.  The Little Big Fella loved the swim (and so did I), the Big Fella enjoyed hanging out, and we all enjoyed the meal and conversation.

The Big Fella decided to stay with them and go to a local pub to hear a band.  I'm going to pick him up later (it's just around the corner and the Little Big Fella is SO fast asleep it's not funny!) and I'll probably do a little car painting in the mean time (hopefully I'll get to show you the completed pics tomorrow).

So our day of frustration has ended really well and I'm so glad for that!

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