Friday, 2 March 2012

Daddy's home!!!

The Big Fella got home earlier than normal last night and the Little Big Fella had just finished dinner (he had a late, long arvo nap so we were behind schedule). I heard him pull up outside and said, "who's that outside?".

The response was... enthusiastic to say the least.

"Daddy, daddy, daddy!!!  Daddy's home!!!" Followed by almost crying as he rushed down the stairs to get to Daddy.

Thus began an hour and a half of what can only be described as toddler-after-a-bag-full-of-red-jelly-beans.  I'm serious!  I've never seen him so excited!

He rushed out the front to tell Daddy all about the broken "snipper whipper" and find out if he has any more cord to fix it.  Then he followed Daddy around chattering non-stop and jumping up and down.

Without letting the Big Fella stop to put anything down, let alone away, the Little Big Fella insisted that they needed to go toad hunting in the back yard with "your good little torch" (a super-bright LED torch that the Big Fella uses when working on cars).

We live in Queensland, Australia, and for those who don't know, we have cane toads here.  LOTS of them.  They are not native and cause all kinds of environmental problems here, so it's quite common (and somewhat reasonable) to dispose of them.  My boys' preferred method is with a torch to find them and a golf club to dispose of them quickly.  Not to mention that they find it quite entertaining.

There was more following and chattering and then the boys had a shower (funny conversations in the shower but I don't think we need to repeat them here - it could be WAY too embarrassing for 21st speeches etc).

And then they sat down on the couch together to watch the first game of footy for the season, the Big Fella with a couple of leftover pieces of pizza that I'd made for dinner.  You couldn't find a better picture of happiness!

It makes me happy and all squishy inside to see them together and loving each others' company.

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