Monday, 26 March 2012

Psycho, psycho boy

Now, to get into the right mood for this post, you need to read the title again.  Now, sing it to the tune of "Macho, macho man" and you'll be right!

My aunt, uncle and cousin are staying with us for a few days and arrived today just after lunch.  After his stereotypical shyness for a few minutes, the Little Big Fella went absolutely psycho!  He ran around like a mad thing yelling at everyone to "look at me"!  This didn't stop for over 15 minutes and only really stopped because they went for a drive.

We had some quiet time then (unfortunately no sleep though) and as soon as they got back, it started all over again.  The Little Big Fella has totally fallen in love with my cousin (who is 8 by the way) and they played together all afternoon.

Have you still got the tune in your head???

Unfortunately the Little Big Fella then started to get really tired and the psycho behaviour stepped up a notch.  In comes the toy throwing, jumping on the couch, using a very loud not-quite-indoor voice... he was so excited and so tired all at the same time.  We did some quiet telling off in an attempt to calm him down, and a quiet time out with mummy (which worked for a little while). 

By 7:30 we'd all had enough so my aunt, uncle and cousin went downstairs for the evening and the Little Big Fella headed off for a shower and bed.  Well, after he bawled his eyes out because they were leaving!  Even when I assured him they were just going downstairs and he'd get to play again tomorrow, the tears just kept coming!

I'm hoping that tomorrow, after a good sleep, he'll be able to play a little more sedately... well, more sedate on a scale I guess because there's little chance of him actually being sedate!  If not, I think we'll employ quiet time outs with mummy a few more times and try to keep the peak excitement down a bit.

Psycho, psycho boy
He's got to be, a psycho boy
Psycho, psycho boy

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