Monday, 19 March 2012

Bonus: Completed Party Cars

I thought you might like to see all the cars a little closer up.  The photos aren't awesome, by any stretch, but you can see each one okay.

 Back row (left to right) is Mater, Red, Doc Hudson, Chick Hicks, Filmore
Front row (left to right) is Luigi, Lightning McQueen, Finn McMissile, Flo, Sally
 Here's a bit more detail for Chick, Filmore, Flo and Sally.

I did a post previously of Doc Hudson, but here's his finished version again.

I was particularly happy with Lightning McQueen, and so was the Little Big Fella.  He spent a while playing with him so I took some extra photos of them too :-)

We ended up putting t-shirt material shoulder straps on each one, so the kids didn't have to hold them up.  The good thing about this was that we could tie a new knot if the straps were too long.

And, as I mentioned in my other post the kids put black plastic plate wheels on (I'd put little holes in first and we used split pins to attach them), and they made little number plates.  Some of the kids also put stickers and coloured in their cars so they all went away quite individualised :-).

I was very proud of my efforts, but I'll never do it again because it took WAY more time than I expected and added more stress than I think is necessary for a kids' party.  Hopefully it's good fun for all the kids - they each took their car home :-)

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