Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Here comes the rain again

After a brief little reprieve of dry, cloudy with a few sunny breaks over the past day or two, the rain has returned.  And it doesn't look like it's going anywhere until the weekend at the earliest.  Bleuch!

Actually!  The Little Big Fella will be at daycare for the next two days!  What am I worried about???

And I have a hair appointment tomorrow (yay!).

And I'm going to a funeral on Friday (boo!).  But I do think rain is appropriate for a funeral.

And on the weekend, when it may be sunny (or at least dry again) we'll probably go visit my grandparents on their holiday (they live just out of town and are holidaying about 20-30 minutes away).  The Little Big Fella will probably wet a line with Poppy, which will make them both VERY happy :-D

Speaking of happy, I got to have a chat with my mum on the phone last night.  I love my mum!  She is definitely an awesome woman and someone I look up to in so many things.

But she made a comment and I'd like to clarify something.  Yes, the party cars took ages, and I wouldn't do it again, but I enjoyed making them!  I'm really proud of what I ended up with (well, what the kids ended up with).  And I got to sit and paint, which I quite enjoy, while watching movies and listening to music that my fellas don't normally want to watch or hear.  It was good!

(Side note:  I must remember to put the bins out tonight.)

I realised how not little the Little Big Fella is the other day!  We moved his steps downstairs for the party - the ones he uses to go to the toilet and wash his hands.  And we forgot to bring them back upstairs.  Turns out, he's big enough to not need them!  OMG!  Not little at all!

You know how sometimes you say things without really thinking about their meaning?  I tell my husband and son that I love them all the time, but I don't necessarily think about what I'm saying.  Which I think is fine, by the way.  But tonight as I was saying goodnight to my husband on the phone it hit me how much I really do love him.  He is a gem in my life and incredibly valuable to me.  My life would be is dull without him.

I'm obviously processing all the little bits and pieces today.  Sorry for such a scatty post :-)

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