Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Behind the times

After sleeping on a foam mattress on the Little Big Fella's floor the night before, I decided he needed to sleep in his own bed, on his own all night last night.  So, when he woke at 4 I stayed in with him until he fell asleep.

Now, the latest we have woken up since he's been in our home has been about 7am, maybe 7:30 once.  So I never set an alarm these days.

With the car out of action, we were planning to catch the bus to swimming today.  To catch the 9:05 bus, I wanted to leave the house at 8:45am, to allow enough time to "toddler walk" to the bus stop at the end of the street, and enough breathing time in case it was early.

I woke up and thought, "it looks like we slept in a bit" but didn't worry, given that "sleep in" is normally no later than 7.  I stretched and got up, looked at my phone and...

nearly fell over!!!!

It was 8:30!!!!!!  Oh shoot!  Guess we're not catching the bus today!

So we changed plans and booked a limo :-D.  See, in our town it's actually cheaper to book an around-town limo than a taxi to get to the other end of town.  Makes me laugh though - catching a limo to a swimming class :-D

When swimming finished we had almost an hour to get changed and get to the bus stop two and a half blocks away.  I was a little anxious because anything with a toddler takes between 2 and 4 times longer than normal.  But we made it with a couple of minutes spare AND we'd been able to go past the cement mixers, diggers and motorbike shop!

The Little Big Fella loves going on the bus!  We've only been twice before today and he just gets so excited.

We had a bit of lunch and some quiet time after that.  I was tired, even if the Little Big Fella wasn't!

A bit later in the afternoon I realised that I hadn't posted the birthday cards for my family and friend this week.  I'd hoped to post them on the way to or from swimming today.  So I thought I could ride my bike with the baby carrier on the back.  Unfortunately, the Little Big Fella didn't like this idea.  He wanted to ride his bike!  He was quite insistent.  So I decided to let him because there was over an hour before the post office closed.

As always, anything with a toddler takes so much longer so it was a frustrating ride there.  The Little Big Fella likes to stop and look at things as he rides, which is fine if we're just out for a ride, but difficult to live with when you're trying to get somewhere before it closes :-)

We made it there and then had a basically pleasant ride back (except for being rained on for a couple of minutes while we looked at chooks in someone's yard).  I'm thinking the Little Big Fella will sleep like a rock tonight with all that walking, swimming and riding!  Which hopefully means another 1, 2 or 3 more completed cars for the party!  And I might watch a movie while I'm doing it too!  That'd be nice!

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