Thursday, 22 March 2012

I woke up as a blonde...

In summer, my awesome hairdresser helped me decide to go blonde (well, okay, not quite blonde, but light for a brunette with dark eyebrows anyway).  This is me the other day at the Little Big Fella's birthday party:

And this is me tonight!

I'm a darkie again :-)  I wasn't quite ready for it (it's not cold enough for dark colours!), but I needed my colour to be closer to my natural colour.  Why?  Because I got a text this morning from the Big Fella, and there's a chance we'll be moving in about 6 weeks!  After talking to the Big Fella on the phone tonight, there's also a chance it'll be months still.  Sigh.

I'm not desperate to move, as such, but to live in the same house as my husband will be wonderful.  And to have an end to the uncertainty would be sooooooooo good!

Applications have been put in for housing through the Big Fella's company, so now we're waiting to see if we've been approved, and if so, when we can move in.  Waiting, waiting, waiting some more.

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