Saturday, 24 March 2012

A lovely, sunny day

The Little Big Fella and I have had a good day.

With some sunshine lined up for the day, I got all the washing on the line this morning.  We did a few other bits and pieces around the house then headed out to visit my grandparents.  They are holidaying in a little town about 30 minutes away (they live just out of town here).  We found where they're staying and pulled up to see them sitting out on the verandah, thoroughly relaxed.

Because it was a new place, the Little Big Fella was a little shy to start with, even though Poppy is one of his favourite people in the world!  He settled in after having a sit and hug on my lap while talking to Poppy.

We had some yummy lunch (Nanna had made some green tomato relish and I had some on my roll... divine!) then headed out for a walk along the beach path.

It is so lovely and relaxing there!  The sun was shining brightly but we were walking in the shade (absolutely perfect!), the boats were moored around the inlet, everyone we walked by was friendly.  It was just beautiful.

My Poppy is a character.  He's one of those old men you just love because he's cheeky and lovely and friendly and basically deaf and it's just adorable.  No matter where you go with him, he'll run into someone he knows and have a good old yarn to them.  Or if he doesn't, he'll have some cheeky conversation with a checkout chick.  He just loves talking to people!

Poppy bought us all an ice-cream at the shop (does that say "holiday" or what???) and we wandered back to the house they're staying in.  All the adults were pretty tired but the Little Big Fella was full of beans and made Poppy play with him and his cars.  Poppy ended up going and having a little nap because he was exhausted.

And I have to say that, even though he was FULL of energy and made us all pretty tired, I was so proud of the Little Big Fella today.  He was polite and well-behaved and his wonderful little self all day.  He didn't even complain when I went to vote (thankfully we had a very short line).  And I was watching him this evening thinking how much I love him and what a wonderful little person the Big Fella and I have made (and are making).

And on the topic of love, I wanted to say thank you to all of you!  Firstly, thank you for being my friends (and family, but they're awesome friends too).  I have been SO blessed to have had the opportunity to meet so many different and amazing people.  Each of you has added something unique to my life, even if we only met for a short time.  Thank you!

Secondly, thank you for reading my blog.  I'm still amazed that people keep reading what I'm writing!  And more than that, lots of you have said that you enjoy it and have made some awesomely encouraging comments!  That's definitely a boost in the happiness journey, I gotta say :-)

Thanks for reading my "blah" and encouraging me when I'm down.  

Thanks for reading my deeper thoughts and responding with respect and alternate points of view.

And thanks for laughing with me and helping me find my happy side again.  As they say, "laughter is the best medicine".

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