Tuesday, 20 March 2012

What do I do now???

Well, now the party's over.  There are no box cars to make, there's no food to prepare, no little bits and pieces to get together.  Everything has been cleaned up and put away.  And because this has been my focus for the past few months, and even more so the last two or three weeks, the question becomes, what do I do now?

What do I do now when the Little Big Fella has his nap?

What do I do now in the evenings?

What do I do now with all those spare moments in my day?

And the answer today is... bludge!

Yep!  Bludge!

Because I can and there is nothing pressing that needs doing!

Because I wasn't 100% well over the last few days and now I'm feeling mostly better and can enjoy doing nothing!

And because the Big Fella will be qualified at the end of this week and can apply for housing, which means we'll probably be moving sooner rather than later.  And everyone knows moving's a b!tch and I'll be running around packing and cleaning like a madwoman soon.

So I'm taking this one day to sit back and relax.

Read blogs and surf the net.

Enjoy the cool-ish weather without wild winds or crazy rains (they're coming back tomorrow anyway).

And I think I'll try to Skype my parents this evening because I haven't spoken to them in too long and they have just been around Tassie for two weeks and I want to hear more about it.

Yes, today is a nice, slow, recover and relax day for me.  Hmmm, I might even read a book!  Oooooh!  That sounds good!

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