Monday, 5 March 2012

Rainy day distractions

Last week the Little Big Fella and I were stuck at home because we were sick.  On the weekend my car broke and the Big Fella didn't have the parts to fix it straight away (I'm going to attempt to fix it when the part turns up in the mail this week - no doubt you'll hear about it).  And the weather is... VERY wet!

So, what to do when you've been stuck in the house for over a week and you can't go visit anyone?

Well, we've watched a couple of Mickey Mouse movies.  The Little Big Fella loves Mickey Mouse!  And I really like that he does.  They're such innocent shows and can be very funny.  They're quite different to today's shows that try to teach kids something or are weird or violent.  They're just plain entertaining! No doubt I'm showing my age here, but that's bound to happen :-)

We've baked a slice.  The Little Big Fella was very upset that we weren't using the beaters today, but happily stirred the dry ingredients (and only spilled them a few times).  He didn't really like stirring once the wet ingredients went in though.

We did a puzzle (it makes animal noises when you put the pieces in!) and played with jumping plastic frogs.  We even played with some hooks that the Big Fella was given for tying things down on cars/trucks.

Then, when the rain slowed a little, we got our big golf umbrellas and went for a little walk!  The Little Big Fella loves umbrellas and has worked out how to put them up and down on his own.  On our little walk we even "jumped in muddy puddles" (the gutters) just like Peppa Pig (ABC2 kids show).

We've put up his little teepee in the lounge for him to eat his snacks in, and he's been drawing on a little portable whiteboard that the Big Fella used to have at the workshop.

After lunch, I didn't even bother trying to get him to sleep because we hadn't done enough running around for him to be anywhere near tired enough.  Fingers crossed for an early night tonight!

The little boy from next door came over for a little play then we went for a walk to the corner store for milk.  Normally, if I went by myself, it would take about 10 to 15 minutes to walk there and back.  An hour today!  Sometimes it can be really frustrating to take a toddler with you.  But, thankfully I didn't have to be anywhere in particular so it wasn't that big a deal.

We did a bit of this and that for the rest of the afternoon and then it was dinner time already!  Followed by shower, "In The Night Garden" (ABC2 kids show that finishes with everyone in bed) and then off to bed with a book and a chat to Daddy.

For those of you who are squeamish, don't read this bit!

The Little Big Fella was walking around without pants on this afternoon for a little while.  I turned around and saw his finger moving from behind him to his mouth!!!!  ARGH!!!!

"Did you just put your finger in your bottom then in your mouth?"


"Argh!  Don't do that!  It's yucky and can make you sick!"

He does it again and runs away to my room and climbs up to the other side of my bed, leaving "finger prints" on my cotton blanket.

Obviously I chase him and make him wash his hands, VERY well, but ew!!!!!  I can't imagine how that he can think that's a good thing!  And now, because I've reacted, he'll probably do it again for a while!

Okay, it's safe to read again :-)

You may be aware that there's a nearly-cyclone in South East Queensland today that may become a cyclone in the next day or two.  Because of the amount of rain, the highway has been cut off South of us.  And because we live in a town of paranoid morons, there is now no milk or bread, or "staple" foods left in town.  Probably no fuel either (thankfully I filled up the other day, and my car isn't working anyway, so it doesn't even matter).  We got our milk from the corner store today and we have yeast in the fridge to make bread, so we'll survive.  

But it just bugs me that at the slightest sign of being cut off, or if the stores are closed for public holidays, people around here go nuts and buy 6 months worth of supplies!  We have a "run on the bank" at the supermarket every time!  Come ON people!  Have a little sense!  Yes!  Buy what you need but don't be stupid about it!  How about a little consideration for the rest of your community?

Oh!  But that's right!  We live in a selfish society who no longer think about anyone else or their effect on others.

Sorry, I'll get off my little soapbox now.

At least I still have the internet!  It's given me a few more ideas for things to do with the Little Big Fella if we're stuck here for much longer.  And I'm about to have a chat with my sister-in-law and her partner, which is very exciting!  I love technology :-)

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