Wednesday, 28 March 2012

A full birthday

It was the Little Big Fella's actual birthday today and he had a BIG one!

After a slow start and a Happy Birthday call from Nanna, I finally got his presents wrapped and card written in so he could open them.  Apparently he liked the Lightning McQueen car and his camera :-D

Then it was time to get a haircut at the hairdresser's for the first time!  We used to trim his hair with the clippers but that has become almost traumatic for everyone, so I decided to try the hairdresser and see if that was better.  I talked it up for the past few days, saying how he's such a big boy and he'll get to sit in his special chair and wear a special cape.  He was a little bit excited about it.

After being super shy (as he always seems to be in new places and/or with new people) and wearing his sad face, he sat there wonderfully still.  And by the end was actually kind of enjoying it.  He LOVED having his hair spiked and was quite disappointed later in the day when the water and his bike helmet made it not spiky anymore.

What a handsome little fella!
When we came home my aunt, uncle and cousin were back from their shopping and the boys played with my cousin's new Nerf gun.

After a minor drama we had some lunch then headed to the water park.  The boys had a ball, especially my cousin.  And we all enjoyed an ice-cream to finish it off :-)

Not quite exhausted enough (rolling my eyes), the Little Big Fella decided we needed to go for a bike ride so we rode, my cousin on his scooter, and played on the beach a little and in the park a little then came back home.

After a bit of a sit down and a glass of red, I headed upstairs to make dinner and the boys kept playing outside.  We had a nice, plain dinner and my aunt added some yummy prawns and muscles to the mix... mmmmmm, yummy!

The boys played a little upstairs then it was shower and bed time and the Little Big Fella completely crashed out.  I don't think he even heard all the story I read him.

And!  Bonus of the month!  The Big Fella is on his way home!  I thought he might come home once or twice between now and the move but certainly wasn't expecting him this "weekend".  Yay!

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