Saturday, 10 March 2012

Generosity ROCKS!

Yesterday Super Carer was incredibly gracious and collected the Little Big Fella for daycare, then dropped him back home in the evening.  Which meant I had a whole day to get stuff done on my own :-D

So, I dropped the car at a friend's workshop.  Driving it was awful!  It revs the guts out of first gear, then SLAMS into 3rd and won't change gears again.  Thankfully, most of my route was a 50km zone and I only had 1 set of lights.

I walked from there to the shopping centre and did a bunch of errands/shopping then hauled all my bags onto the bus home.  I took a backpack, thinking I'd fit it all in there.  HA!  Full backpack plus a massive, cheap plastic bag that kept attempting to trip me over (thanks Warehouse!), and another couple of plastic bags of food (I knew I should have taken my cloth bags!).

Then I spent the afternoon finishing off two more party cars and almost a 3rd one (while watching movies of course).  I also have two more that I shaped, taped, undercoated and drew details on in the evening.  Yay!

When Super Carer brought the Little Big Fella home, she offered the use of her car today, because she knew she'd be home all day anyway.  So I took her up on the offer - I really needed to do a good grocery shop!  She came and picked us up, even though she was hit with a cold overnight, and we dropped her back at her place.  Then we did it the other way around after lunch.  How awesome is Super Carer?  I mean, to not only let us use her car, but to also drive back and forth from her house twice, while feeling sick!  Seriously!  She's awesome!

And it was so lovely to have a car for the morning!  We got the shopping done, went to Bunnings for three more party car boxes (and a bit of a play), dropped the shopping home then visited my sister and nephews for a play.  It was so good to see them - the boys haven't played together in weeks and my sister and I haven't had a chat in ages!  And she was graciously lovely and provided a yummy lunch for us too!  (And she even put up with us taking forever to leave when her boys needed to get to bed.  Thanks sis!)

Although the Little Big Fella was pretty tired by this stage, he didn't sleep.  Sigh.  After a while I let him up and we bummed around a bit.  Then he decided it was bike riding time.  I expected a 5 or 10 minute ride so didn't pack much in my bum bag (daggy, I know, but it works - especially when I have to lock up his bike and put him in the baby seat because he doesn't want to ride anymore).  We ended up riding to the train park and playing with a bunch of kids there (yes, I play too!), walking along the beach for a while then taking the longest time ever to ride home.

Now I've had dinner my patience levels have returned and all is good :-).

You know, I'm always by generosity.  Generosity is rarely expected (which is kind of sad I guess) and always appreciated.  I really loved the big random-acts-of-kindness push that went around a few years ago.  How much love and joy was spread around with that??

I love to be generous to others (although it's something I think still needs improving in my life) but it took me a long time to realise that allowing others to be generous is just as important.  When I'm generous to others, I love it when they don't make a huge fuss but accept that generosity.  So I try to do that when others are generous to me too.  Sometimes, it's really hard!

I've known some super generous people so far in my life.  Not necessarily financially (although that always seems to be part of the make up of a generous person, even when they're flint!), but always in heart!  Their depth of caring and empathy inspires me to be more than I am, and to impart something extra into the lives of those I love, and even strangers around me.

And have you ever noticed how being generous with your time, spirit or money always makes you feel good?  Which could be seen as a pretty selfish reason to be generous, but I think it's just sowing and reaping/karma/what goes around comes around/whatever you want to call it.

And given that I'm trying to make 2012 a happier year, I could probably be a little more deliberate about being generous.  That could seriously add to my happiness levels.  Yeah!  I think I like that idea!  I'll do it!  I'll look for more opportunities to be generous in attitude, spirit, time and money.  I can do it!

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