Thursday, 8 March 2012


I had my first attempt at something mildly mechanical today.  My car broke down on the weekend and the Big Fella wasn't able to fix it because he couldn't get parts.  So he ordered the part and showed me what to do when it arrived.

The part arrived and I checked that it was the right one.  So far, so good!

Now I just had to remember where I was supposed to put it.  Ah!  That's right!  Just under all those black hose-y things.

Got my tools together and away we go!

Look!  I even got mechanically dirty doing the job :-D

So I got the part in with no hassles then took the car for a test drive.  Start driving up the street and it sounds good.  Then it doesn't change gear into 2nd.  Bugger!  Keep going a little and it CLUNKS into 3rd.  Double bugger!  Our miracle part that we've been waiting for hasn't fixed the problem.

Given that I feel like I've been locked in my house for the past two weeks (between illnesses, weather and broken car) I was feeling rather despondent by this time.

I messaged the Big Fella to let him know the bad news and he was on lunch break so called me back.  We formulated a plan but I'm going to be car-less for probably at least another week.  Sigh.

I've considered the whole self-development angle of being car-less but basically it just sucks.  Thankfully we have friends and family that have offered to help us out in various ways, and that makes me feel loved and looked after.  And I think I'm going to become a little better acquainted with the public transport system around here (which, after living in Melbourne, is pretty pathetic - but it's better than nothing!).

On another note, we had an awesome sunset here tonight!  These were taken from my back doorstep.  Enjoy!

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