Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Loving moments

The Little Big Fella has been sick this week and (surprise, surprise) now I am too.  Somehow, as well as the coldy thing, I also picked up a tummy bug.  Yay me!

So I've been doing everything that needs doing but feeling fairly average today.

When the Little Big Fella had his nap this afternoon I put all the to-do lists aside and sat at the computer, vegging out.  And took a Strepsils :-)

The Little Big Fella takes a while to wake up properly so we often end up having a bit of a cuddle.  Today we sat on the back stairs in the shade, with the afternoon sea breeze cooling us... and he fell asleep again.

As I was sitting there (with my butt going numb on the concrete) I had lots of happy sighs (not about the numb butt, obviously).  I could have gotten annoyed about my numb butt and sitting there in a fairly awkward position, with my feet burning on the concrete that spent the afternoon in the sun but was now shaded but still hot, and while I probably could have been doing something else.

But you could say I took time to "smell the roses" and appreciate how loving my son is and that I get to be an at home mum and spend precious moments with him.  He's healthy and clever (I could be biased about that, but probably not), somewhat cute ;-) and becoming such a joy to be around... most of the time.

And that 20 minutes or so made my day!

It got me through the whipper snipper running out of cord, the mower being a pain, mowing and whipper snipping in the heat and humidity (could have done with a swim after that!), being the neighbourhood after-school carer, and evening children's TV.

And now, as my little angel (that can be his name tonight because he's sleeping and sang "I love you too" over and over to me while he was going to sleep) sleeps in his bed, that huggy afternoon nap-y thing is making me smile and feel loved and worthwhile.

And this is why I wanted to be a mum in the first place!  Not the sleepless nights, loss of identity, reduced income and all the other crud people don't tell you enough about.  It's the loving moments where your heart is full and life is good.

If I can continue to recognise and enjoy these moments, I think I'll be doing well in this happiness journey!

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