Saturday, 12 May 2012

My 100th post, dedicated to my Mum

Wow!  I'm up to my hundredth post already!  Who'd have thought I'd keep going this long and that people would still find it at least slightly interesting!

Now, what could I say that would be worthy of this milestone?

I think, especially with tomorrow being Mother's Day, I'm really don't have any other choice but to dedicate this post to my Mum.

I'm the oldest of four children and Mum stayed home with us until my brother, the youngest, started school.  Times were often tough and Mum somehow made the budget stretch to keep us all fed, clothed and entertained.

I think Mum sometimes feels like she didn't do the best job (I wonder if that's just how most all Mums feel, at least sometimes) but I know that my sisters, brother and I know she's awesome!  I mean, how many people do you know that could successfully keep 4 kids in line, not only with strong discipline but also plenty of love?

Although I know she was strict, that's not what I remember.  I remember the fun dinners with a colour theme, dressing up, baking slices, learning the 1-2-1 formula for a basic white sauce, tramping around in the bush and lighting a campfire, her incredible wisdom and the best hugs in the world!

Mum is creative in a million ways!

  • She has some great crafty skills and style.
  • I don't think I've ever read or heard of a thrifty skill or idea that I haven't seen her employ.
  • She can make a meal stretch from feeding 6 people to feeding 20 with barely any notice!
  • She can make a meal when there's nothing in the cupboard!
  • She can turn a boring wet day into an awesome adventure.
  • She can make the Women's Weekly birthday cake book cake of your choice and it will look awesome :-)
I got to work at the same place with my Mum for several years and the thing I noticed, the thing that stood out about her compared to everyone else there, was that the Mum I grew up with, who made me feel safe, comfortable and at home, was the person others got to meet.  Mum has a wonderful sense of hospitality and an amazing ability to put people at ease.  Whenever we had new staff she'd just take them under her wing and make them feel comfortable and relaxed and welcome.  She'd help them settle in.  And it wasn't her defined role that made this happen, it was her personality and unique skills.

My husband jokes that when I'm in a bad mood I need to speak to or visit my Mum.  When we lived in the same town he'd bundle me into the car and we'd drop round for a visit.  He says that she somehow makes me happier in a way that he doesn't know how to.

I remember as I was growing up, so many times wondering how my Mum got to be so wise.  She always knew the right thing to say (even on the odd occasion when I didn't want to hear it).  She was my comfort, a source of challenge, my most trusted adviser and confidant.

Since having the Little Big Fella I have appreciated even more how unique and wonderful my Mum is.  The hours of care, the constant encouragement, the wisdom, the stamina and the love my Mum has shown to me and my siblings blows me away.

Mum, I love you!  If you couldn't tell, I think you're awesome!  I miss you and I always love talking to you.  I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day and that the others still in Victoria do their best to spoil you like you deserve (I know they will).  Big cyber hugs and kisses (and a tissue coz you probably need one too).  I love you Mum.

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