Thursday, 31 May 2012

Gross me out!!!!

I didn't take a picture.

Maybe I should have.

No, definitely not!

I've cleaned my toilet several times (as you'd hope) since we've moved it but it never seemed properly clean.  So I pulled it apart today.  You know, un-did the annoying plastic screw thingys underneath that hold the seat onto the porcelain?

If you have a weak stomach DO NOT CONTINUE READING!!!!!

So I pulled the lid off and there, on the porcelain where the seat rests, and on the bottom of the seat that rests there, was a relatively thick layer of poo!

I'm gagging just writing this!

Maybe I shouldn't post it?


I can understand pee spray (especially with a little boy in the house!) but how on Earth do you get poo in there???

I'm getting those horrible shivers up and down my spine!!!

The Big Fella was home when I was doing this and suggested we just chuck it and go buy a new one.  But I was able to clean it up (I had to get an old toothbrush out for the job and yes! it is now in the bin) and now we have a clean, sparkly loo!


Every time I use it now I see it sparkling back at me and it makes me smile :-D

(Yes, it is late and I should be in bed!)

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