Tuesday, 29 May 2012

TV-less funny faces

I know I've said it before, and it's likely to be slightly boring to you guys, but I am completely blown away by the fact that people from around the world are reading my blog!  Apparently I have some new readers from Kenya and Brazil this week, and a few people in Russia who seem to be regulars.  Knock me out with a feather people!  G'day to all of you who are not in Australia, by the way! Thanks for reading and making my day :-D

So, what have we been up to these past few blog-less days?  I was going to say nothing much but then I looked at my phone and realised we've done a little bit.

Yesterday we had our first completely TV-free day in ages!  I know, I'm a terrible mother ;-)

The reality is, TV helped us get through 6 months without a husband/Daddy at home and then we just got into the habit of having it on at various points in the day or when I was completely stressed out.  So no, I won't be apologising for that.

But, we did have a TV-free day and I think it nearly killed us :-D  I have been a super-grumpy bum the last few days and I'd swear it was extra-bad PMS or something except it's the wrong part of the cycle for that (sorry if that's too much info).  I've been very easily frustrated and feel like everything I'm attempting is way harder than it should be.

So, of course, the Little Big Fella reacts to that.  That, and he's 3!  Whoever says terrible twos are the worst hasn't had a three year old yet!  They're really good at pushing the limits :-)

But, besides that, I've been in the garden trying to get rid of the huge amount of prickles and weeds.  Today the Little Big Fella helped me whipper snip (I had to keep reminding myself not to get annoyed because we were having a bonding moment and he was enjoying it) and I mowed.  I'm seriously thinking of getting a ride-on mower.  Although, I probably got more exercise today than I've had in a while :-D

We also did some crafty learning yesterday.  I got the glue stick, a piece of paper and some foam shapes out and let the Little Big Fella at 'em!  He loves glueing.  As he was going I helped him learn his shapes and review his colours (in a fun kind of way - "what colour should we do next?  Oooh!  What shape is that?  Can you see an orange triangle?").

And we played funny faces with my phone camera.  It's one of our favourite games.  (Don't mind the "at-home" face and hair ;-).)

Even with bits of apple all over his face, he's pretty cute :-D

Oh!  And it's been COLD!  Like around 5 degrees overnight!  And it's not even winter yet!!!  The houses here are not built for those kinds of temps!!!

The Little Big Fella ran out of cold-weather clothes (he has 3 or 4 pairs of long pants and two jumpers (sweaters for you lovely Americans), and they all happened to be in the machine or on the line... oops!) so I got on eBay and bid on nearly everything I saw in his size.

Then I realised that I didn't need that many pants and jumpers for him so I had a serious case of bidder's remorse.  Thankfully I didn't win them all!

So hopefully the post office will have some parcels for us this week!  Yay!  I love parcels :-D

Other than that, it's been normal housework, playtime, puppy training, cooking (the Little Big Fella loves cracking eggs!), collecting more rocks for our garden and playing at the park.  I like my life :-D 

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