Thursday, 17 May 2012

Out with the trees (or, hubby bought a chainsaw)

We had to go and get some things for the puppies today.  You know, collars, leads, dog shampoo, food...

The Big Fella took us to a farming supplies store first and we ended up with some cat collars (the dog ones were way too big), a couple of leads, some dog bowls, puppy shampoo, a chainsaw!

Yep, the Big Fella finally owns his own chainsaw.

I did know, but had somehow forgotten, that when he gets his hands on chainsaws the garden tends to get a severe haircut...

The front of the house when we first moved in.  Note the conifer on the left.
The right side of the house, again, a conifer and the mango in front of the little shed.
The left of the house.  Note the tall yukka type things and the papyrus looking thing.
The new front of house.  No conifers and a little line of rocks.
Here are the rocks a bit closer up :-).  We collected these from the side of the road.  They have some great colours and shapes and make the yard look like it's going to be a garden already!  Yay!

The right side of the house with the conifer removed, the mango trimmed so we can get into the shed a bit easier, and the neighbour's bush trimmed back to his side of the fence.
And here Frankie is showing the now cleared left side of the house.

Now we're ready to finish putting in our rock edging, kill the grass and dig it out, fill it with soil and plants, get rid of all the prickles in the lawn and make it green and lush, make a vege garden and herb garden, and build a chicken coop.  Phew!

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