Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Meet Frankie and Choccie

Today turned out to be more full than I'd expected.

We woke fairly late, around 7:30 and I thought I didn't have anything to take to playgroup for morning tea so I started to make a batch of choc chip cookies.  Unfortunately the butter was in the fridge and the morning was cold so it took forever to get the butter and sugars creamed.

I realised we were going to be late to go to the kindy to put the Little Big Fella's name on the waiting list for next year so I put the dough in the fridge and found a pack of chips in the cupboard.  (Which, by the way, is kind of weird because I rarely buy chips when I do the grocery shopping but just happened to this week!)

The Little Big Fella and I drove to the next town and visited the kindy.  He loved it!  Their playground is awesome; it has a massive sand pit with not one but two diggers!; they have mowers; an awesome, rather large cubby; all kinds of fun looking play equipment; and swings!  He was in heaven.

Unfortunately the paperwork only took a couple of minutes to complete and then we had to go.  He was not a happy camper!

After dropping a couple of large boxes (!) of clothes at the Salvo's we went back to our town for playgroup.  I felt much more comfortable at playgroup this week, which I think is mostly because of the time I've been able to spend talking to people during the week.  Continuing the long process of friendship :-)

By the way, have you tried the Smokey BBQ Grainwaves?  Yumm!!!

When we got home the Big Fella bundled us into the car and drove us to a home where we met Frankie and Choccie.  Before we moved here we'd half decided that we'd like the Little Big Fella to have a dog.  We didn't really know what kind of dog but it wouldn't be a toy dog breed and it wouldn't be big.  He absolutely fell in love with these mini Fox Terriers!

The Little Big Fella with Choccie, a female mini Foxy

Frankie, a male mini Foxy
When we left the Little Big Fella cried like his heart was broken!  But we decided to go home and sleep on it - it was a big decision that shouldn't be made on a whim!

At home we had lunch and some rest time.  I did a little research on registering pets in our area, basic dog obedience (the Big Fella and I had a Jack Russell who wasn't trained well at all), and general new puppy tips.  I think we'd pretty much decided to get one of them, but maybe we should get both?

Late in the afternoon we received a call from the lady selling the dogs, had a chat and decided we would get them both.  We got a few things ready then headed out and picked them up.

For the third time in one day the Little Big Fella was in heaven!  He was so excited when we told him the puppies would be coming home with us!

At home he just wanted to pick them up (I think that's going to be an issue for a little while).  Frankie and Choccie started checking out their new home, thankfully didn't try to escape under the (now we've noticed) large gap under the gate, and settled in after a play and some food.

The little girls from next door came over to have a play with them too and I got to have a good chat with their mum for the first time.

When it was time to go upstairs for dinner, the Little Big Fella had another meltdown.  He wanted the puppies to come in the shower with him and sleep on his bed!  It was kind of cute but really annoying when he didn't stop crying or whining for ages.

Frankie and Choccie are sleeping in a box (with a blanket) inside downstairs.  I've only been down twice - once because they were barking (the light was on so after a little pat and reminding them where their bed was I turned that off), and once because there was a yelping sound and I needed to assure myself they were okay.  No doubt they'll be up bright and early and ready to play.

So there you go!  We are now a two adult, one toddler and two puppies family.

(I'm pretty sure I can hear groans and giggles and see rolling eyes from certain people.)


  1. They are Gorgeous!! Daniel is going to have so much fun with them, and 2 is good to keep eaach other company when your out. And Daniel has grown up so much. Glad you guys are settling in well.

    1. Thanks Shiralee! We thought they were good looking too and when we played with them they had lovely personalities too. Yep, he's getting really big! Most people assume he's 4, not 3! Hope things are well with you guys too!!!