Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Continuing to discover

The Big Fella took us for a little drive this morning to see the rest of town.  We took a drive out of town past the paddock across the street to discover the best trail bike area here, the rubbish tip, and the horse racing track.

I have to tell you about the tip because, just quietly, it blew me away (and no, it wasn't the smell).  I don't recall the last time I went to a tip that wasn't manned or signed as to where you should put your different kinds of trash.  Oh, wait!  There was one sign for a "domestic waste only" area.  No little booth with someone in it to make you pay for certain kinds of rubbish.  No painted lines on asphalt roads.  Just a dirt track to a big pile of rubbish that someone had recently set on fire (I guess that's what I smelled yesterday).

I also had my first visit to the little post office today.  There's no mail delivery here so you have to go to the post office to collect it.  I also had to post off our Mother's Day gifts, which brought a bit of a surprise.  The scales used to weigh my parcels were the kind where you place weights on a plate and balance it with the parcel on the other!  I didn't know they still existed except in museums!  Unsurprisingly they didn't have EFTPOS so I have to drop in tomorrow to pay the balance because I ran out of cash.  Yep, I live in a small town :-D

At the park this afternoon the Little Big Fella had his first go on the skate ramps with his scooter.  He only went on the little one of course, but he was so excited about it and ended up scooting around balanced with one foot in the air.  He's growing up before my eyes!

I also met a new lady at the park this afternoon who has only been in town 12 months.  She had a 5 year old son and a 2 year old daughter and was really lovely to talk to.  Amazingly, she was from the same area we've just left as well!  She did mention the gossiping part of living here and that she and her husband tend to keep to themselves a lot.

Tomorrow the Little Big Fella and I will go to the playgroup for the first time.  I'm excited to meet some more people and see how life here works in a little more detail.  No doubt I'll see a bit of that gossiping in action but I'm hoping to also meet someone/s that I click well with, who has a similar approach to parenting and life as me.  We'll see!

The Big Fella got annoyed in the kitchen this morning and cleaned the windows.  Seriously, I think my biggest memory from this whole move will be cleaning windows!  So then we got the benches cleared (we have enough cupboard space to put the dish rack away!!!!!) and I shined my sink (thanks Mum and FlyLady), clearing away the rust spots and gunk around the taps.  The sink has obviously been abused so it still looks a bit splotchy but it looks so much better and going in to the kitchen being able to see through my window, my bench empty and ready-to-use and my shiny sink makes me feel good.

We've decided to spend about an hour each day tackling a room at a time until the house is up to scratch and we feel like we can relax in it.  At the moment there are still boxes all over the place and things that don't have homes.  But by tackling a room at a time, together, it becomes less overwhelming and we'll get it done without killing ourselves (or each other).

I feel happy!  Not mostly happy.  Not happy when such-and-such happens.  Just happy!  I love living with my husband again.  I feel hopeful.

Sure, I have moments when I lose the plot or the Little Big Fella pushes my buttons, or the list of things to do overwhelms me.  But overall I feel happy, and even when I'm feeling a bit shirty or whatever, underlying that is happiness.  And it feels like it's been a long time since that was my main mode of operation!  I like it a lot!  :-D

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