Sunday, 6 May 2012

Settling in

Here we are in our new town, trying to get everything settled, getting used to a shift-working partner, and trying to get into the swing of life in this small town. And we're going okay.

The shift working thing is really going to take a while for us all to work out.  The Little Big Fella has a mild freak out every time Daddy goes to work because he doesn't realise that he'll be home in a few hours.  And trying to get him to be quiet while Daddy sleeps is... interesting.  He's doing pretty well so far, but when Daddy wakes up and is still tired and doesn't want to play or be climbed all over, well, that doesn't go down so well.

The Little Big Fella is so excited about living with Daddy too.  He just wants to play with him all the time and tell him everything and follow him around and jump on him and snuggle on the couch (while wriggling and totally getting in the way of the TV).  I think it's going to take a little while for them to settle into life together again but I think they'll do it well.

We have a few fun things we've started doing every day so far.

There are horses in the paddock across the road and we walk over there and talk to them and give them a pat.  

There's the park at the end of the street (about 200 metres maybe) that we go and have a swing and a play in the morning (normally no one there) or in the afternoon (kids and mums all over the place).  I've decided that, because it's "my" park now I'm going to pick up rubbish and left-behind items when no one else is there (don't want to make anyone feel guilty), and maybe do some weeding too.  The park is great but I want it to be even better :-)

I was talking to a lady this afternoon who is part of the Lion's club and the CWA and I think we'll probably get involved in the Lion's.  They help out the people in town who are older or incapacitated (permanently or temporarily) by doing gardening, cleaning, shopping or whatever.  They also do things around the town as they hear of needs.  I think I want to be a part of that.

And we've been given all the details to attend the playgroup on Wednesday mornings.  It seems to be the thing you do if you're an at-home-mum, especially with pre-schoolers.  I'm waiting to see the cliques and gossiping, because being such a small town you know it's going to happen.

We went for a drive last night to drop the trailer off to a mate who works in one of the mines "near" here.  One and a half hours there, two back (we went a different way).  Funnily enough, we stopped for a fuel and loo break and the lady behind the counter was my old boss!  She seemed happier and a bit more relaxed than when I worked with her.

I like it here.  I think we're going to enjoy it and I think our lives will feel richer (not just because of the increased wages).  Maybe I really am a country girl at heart :-)

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