Saturday, 26 May 2012

A week in pictures

Well, first of all, welcome to my two new followers!  It's seriously exciting to me to have you here!!!!

Secondly, Mum, I ordered that book today.  It'll take about a month but then I'll let you know :-)  I love you heaps!

And thirdly, I'll quit with the vague references so everyone can feel included :-D

Yesterday was our first fully rainy day here.  Because I'm not quite set up yet, it was kind of sucky.  Although, the Big Fella made bacon hock and vege soup and I made some bread rolls to go with (I've nearly perfected my recipe!!!) and we had a mate come and eat it with us.  It was tasty and perfect for the weather.

I just realised I have some photos to share!  They're a little random but I'm sure you'll enjoy them :-)

I took the Little Big Fella over to the next town the other day (I think we were trying to give the Big Fella some sleep time).  We played in the park and did some other bits and pieces then I helped him climb up into this old steam engine and we looked around and pretended to drive.  He loved it!

Last week the Big Fella and I took the Little Big Fella to the park.  Someone had left their skateboard there.  After watching the Little Big Fella for a while, the Big Fella decided to have a turn.  Yep, you guessed it, he fell flat on his butt!  I think he really bruised it and his hand/wrist but it didn't stop me laughing!

The Primary School held a special day for under 8s on Wednesday so I took the Little Big Fella down.  After starting out being quite shy, he had a ball and ended up crying when we left.  He made a kite (above), played with coloured water and playdough (below), played in the playground, bought a book at the Book Fair, played with blocks, and raced on the race track on the oval with some of the Prep and Grade 1 kids (I think that was his favourite part actually).

Another Pinterest find (sorry, I can't find the original)!  A combination of fairy bread and cutting shapes out of sandwiches.  A definite hit and great on a rainy day to break the monotony!

I don't think I mentioned that we went to the PCYC playgroup on Thursday for the first time.  As we walked into the Centre the Little Big Fella was all shy and clingy.  But as I was talking to the lady at Reception, he looked through some glass doors and saw the room pictured above, asked if he could go in and disappeared without me.  He had a ball (and slept for a couple of hours that afternoon)!!!

I've been thinking this week about the fact that the Little Big Fella no longer goes to daycare, and that he is missing out on the craft and learning time that he received there.  So, after coming across something similar on Pinterest, we did a little experiment with bicarb soda and vinegar this afternoon.

In the original version they added food colour to the vinegar and had it in an ice cube tray but I discovered we had no food colouring (obviously cleared out during the move) so we went with plain white and clear today.

The thing I really loved about this was that the Little Big Fella started doing things his own way after a few minutes.  Instead of using the dropper to put vinegar in the bicarb, he started sticking the bicarb onto the dropper and mixing it in the vinegar.  Then he decided he'd had enough of that so he poured all of the vinegar into the bicarb tray.  After it stopped bubbling he mixed it around and played a bit using the dropper, then he poured the whole lot out on the concrete and we used the straw to blow it in different directions.

I love the creativity of his mind and how he loves to experiment with things.  (I especially love it when we're outside and his experimentation doesn't involve cleaning up huge messes when I'm in the middle of cooking or something!)

We sat in the sun (it rained all day yesterday, remember?) out the front today to have our chocolate chip cookies for afternoon tea.  The horses came up and had a drink and a sulfur-crested cockatoo flew in and landed on the post with his crest sticking up.  Nice way to spend a few minutes :-)

We also went to the park this afternoon (can you tell Daddy was trying to sleep?).  We played in the sand (finally found the sand toys after the move), had a swing, talked to some friends and the Little Big Fella decided to have a scoot.  I wasn't sure how he'd go because it was so wet from yesterday, but despite a couple of falls, he loved it.  He especially loved "making splashes" :-D

I've just finished a whole block of Old Jamaica chocolate!  What was I thinking????  Besides the obvious calories, I now have a sugar overload and feel a little ill!  Ooops!

So there you go!  Our last week or so in pictures :-)  I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!


  1. Little Big Fella is getting so big.

    1. Tell me about it! I have to clothe him!!! :-) We'll have to Skype some time soon - message/call if you have a spare 5 minutes and we'll see if we can get it working :-D