Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Under 8's, shopping and Origin

What a day!  You know how some days just seem to drag out forever (yesterday) and some days seem to be so full (today)?

This morning the Big Fella was sleeping off a night shift and the Little Big Fella and I headed around the corner to the Primary School for their Under 8's/Biggest Morning Tea/Book Fair morning.  At first he was quite shy but he eventually got into it and had a ball.  I think it was when he started recognising people from the park that he really started to enjoy himself.

They had a great set up!  Lots of activities, crafts, music, playing, play dough, stories, water troughs with coloured water (a HUGE hit for the Little Big Fella and the little girl from next door), magnetic stuff, police and fireys...  it was awesome!  Add the CWA with plates of cakes and sandwiches and tea or coffee, plus the Book Fair (always one of my favourite times of year in Primary school) and it was a huge hit!

When the morning was over, the kids from the school were having impromptu races along the race track around the oval and the Little Big Fella loved joining in and having his own personal races too.  Yes, there were tears when it was time to go home.

After a little interval at home, we decided it was shopping day so drove over to the next town.  The Little Big Fella fell asleep on the way so the Big Fella dropped me at the supermarket to get started while he went to collect new jumpers for work and some home brew stuff.  They met me in the supermarket when I was three quarters done and the Little Big Fella was so much happier than he'd been before that (thank God!).

At home I lost the plot slightly.  The puppies and the Little Big Fella were under my feet while I was trying to get two weeks of shopping put away.  Then the puppies found the bags with the meat in them and I lost it.  Big yelling, cranky Mummy!

Puppies went out, Little Big Fella disappeared downstairs with Daddy and Mummy cooled down a touch (thank God!).

This evening is State of Origin football.  For anyone who doesn't live in New South Wales or Queensland, that means pretty much nothing.  But here it is everything!  I felt so out of place today because literally everywhere I looked, everyone had their State's jerseys on!  Seriously, I'll be purchasing them for at least me and the Little Big Fella before the next Origin match (there are 3 in the series each year) because otherwise I'll be a social outcast and people will possibly never speak to me again :-).

So, in the spirit of Origin, we had pies for dinner.  The Little Big Fella totally crashed so the Big Fella and I had a plate of bikkies with plum paste and blue cheese (it was so good - we ate the whole thing!!!).  I had 3 large glasses of wine in just under an hour so I'm... let's say I'm a little tipsy given that I rarely drink and when I do it's 1 or 2 glasses over a whole evening.  The Big Fella has been on home brew scotch and is quite relaxed :-)

So, overall (except for my meltdown after shopping), it's been a great day!

Can I go to bed now???

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