Thursday, 24 May 2012

I'm losing it!

A couple of days ago my hubby told me I was losing weight.

I didn't believe him but said thanks anyway.

Later I looked in the mirror (did I mention I can actually see myself in our bathroom mirrors???) and wondered if he was right.

Yesterday I finally bought the batteries for our scales and today I finally put them in and weighed myself (shoes, jeans, belt, phone and all) and discovered that yes!  I have lost weight!  Probably about 3 kilos since I last weighed myself about 6 weeks ago!

Over the 6 months that we lived apart my eating habits got worse and worse.  And I got "too busy" to exercise.  And in that last month where I was cleaning like a madwoman and didn't see the Big Fella at all, I got rather lonely and hit the ice-cream, biscuits and lollies pretty hard.

Turns out that unlike when I first got married and started living with the Big Fella, living with him again is good for my waistline :-D

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