Friday, 11 May 2012

Our first party, vacuum cleaners and blinds

This morning we had to go to the Post Office to post a package to my grandparents, and collect our mail of course :-)  It is so quaint living in a town that doesn't deliver mail and I'm (just quietly) getting a bit of a kick out it.  This was only our 2nd visit to the Post Office and the lady had our mail out ready for us before we'd even gotten the parcel sorted out.  Now that's what I call customer service!

Anyway, on the way home we were passing the home of one of the kids we've played with in the park and her mum ran out and invited us to the little girls' birthday party this afternoon.  How cool is that?

The party was a really easy plate of sausage rolls and party pies, lollipops, cordial and, of course, a cake, in the park where all the kids play after school anyway.  Call me a middle-class snob if you like, but I've never seen such an easy party... and I loved it!  Especially after the huge effort of the Little Big Fella's Cars party, it was really refreshing.

The kids ran around and played happily (although there were a couple of injuries), some of them ate when the food came out and we sang Happy Birthday, and the adults sat around and chatted.  It was so relaxed!

Although, I did come across this amazing pinata biscuit idea on Pinterest last night...

Yesterday, after the Big Fella got home we decided to go to the closest big town to try to buy a new vacuum cleaner and some curtains/blinds for the house.  We got there at midday, had to wake the Little Big Fella and then didn't know where to go.  We had a bit of lunch at a nice, busy cafe with man-looking food then found our way to the new shopping centre.

The vacuum cleaner is absolutely awesome!  It even sucks the little prickles that make their way into the house on our shoes out of the carpet in 1 or 2 pass overs!  I just about threw the old one into the bin but the Big Fella said to keep it as a car cleaner so I moved it downstairs.

Blinds we didn't do so well on.  After getting rather discouraged I ended up doing an internet search on my phone and called a curtain maker in that town.  He came down straight away and gave us an idea of what they could do.  It'll take a few weeks but we'll probably get the kitchen and dining windows covered by them, then maybe replace some of the others over time.

On the way home we ended up stopping at a little weir outside of the next town over.  The sun had started to set and it was incredibly peaceful and beautiful there.  We're talking about camping there for a few days if we can hire a camper trailer (the Big Fella doesn't do tents or caravans but thinks he'd cope okay with a camper trailer).  It'd be awesome if we could hire or borrow a tinnie too and do a little fishing - the Little Big Fella would love that!

As we were driving home I was reflecting on the spontaneous nature of our trip and the kilometers we'd travelled.  In our last town I'd developed a bit of a closed mind about travelling, and being spontaneous I guess.  Most of that was in reaction to the Little Big Fella, who used to be absolutely painful in the car and made being spontaneous a little more than difficult on occasion.  So I'd kind of given up and we didn't travel more than 15-20 minutes without planning at least several days in advance.

But here, especially after such an easy drive up with the Little Big Fella, I don't have any of that.  Give me 15-20 minutes to get myself together, make sure everyone has had a toilet break, and gather some food and drinks and we're good to go!

And I love the sense of freedom that comes with that!  It feels so good and, for some strange reason, I feel less weighed down and restricted than I did before.  Which makes me wonder what kinds of changes I'll go through in living here!  What will be different about me in 5, 10, 20 years because we've lived here?  And that's a challenging and exciting thought!

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