Tuesday, 14 February 2012

It's playtime!

I spent some time this afternoon playing with the Little Big Fella in the backyard.  I don't actually do it very often but I recognised some of the awesome benefits today.
  • It gets rid of lots of energy so he sleeps well
  • Boosts his self-esteem
  • Reminds him in a practical way that I love him
  • We get to know each other that little bit better
  • It's a bit of exercise for me
  • It's good "play" time for me, and I think every adult needs a bit of that in their life!
  • It's just plain fun and induces lots of laughter, which we all know is very good for us :-)
  • There are incidental learning experiences along the way - for both of us
So with so many benefits, why don't I do it every day?

I have lots of "mummy" type excuses - housework, other things on my mind, housework, appointments, housework, I can get bored with child play...  oh!  And did I mention housework?

But today, these excuses just look like excuses.  Yes, housework needs to get done, and appointments and classes and such need to be attended, but making time to play with my son is really important... for both of us!

And one day (people with older kids tell me it'll be soon) he won't want to play with me because he'll be too busy.  So I need want to make the time now, because we're worth it!

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