Saturday, 4 February 2012

Has anyone seen my creativity???

Today I've been working on the cardboard cars for the Little Big Fella's party.  The Little Big Fella decided he needed to do some painting too so we got some of his finger paints out and let him at it.  And the Big Fella has been creative in the kitchen (let me tell you, I'm looking forward to dinner tonight!!!).

And we've been dreaming over the past few weeks of what we'll do with our hobby farm, when we eventually have one.  All the animals, plants, buildings, produce, butchering, storing... so many things to think and dream about.

I think for a long time I didn't have, or make, opportunities to be creative.  But it's a really important element of my life and enjoyment of it.  And I think it's likely to be a necessary part of everyone's lives, albeit with different expressions.

So, tell me, what gets your creativity excited?  And is it an essential part of your life, or just something that adds flavour every now and then?

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