Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Can I help you with that?

Tuesdays are normally the Little Big Fella's swimming lesson days.  But, as he's still green in the nose, we didn't think it would be nice to share and skipped the lesson today.

So!  How to fill up another day at home with just the two of us???  Get out in the garden of course!

Tomorrow is our bin day and I realised that our bin was almost empty so I decided it was time to clean up the weeds again.  And, being nearly 3, the Little Big Fella wanted to be in on the action.

We swept up the patio (he had to do his bit first, then I got to finish the rest). I even moved the BBQ to sweep away the accumulated dirt from many months. It looks quite welcoming in the patio now!

Then we attacked the weeds!  (Insert evil laugh here.)

We pulled the little weeds from around the garden paths, and trimmed back the mint and tarragon plants (if they weren't so useful they could SO be called weeds!).

Then we attacked the back garden along the fence!  We pulled out onion grass, and the weeds with the pink flowers.  We put the branches (that I chopped off the prolific trees weeks ago and dumped in the garden) into the bin.  Then we pulled out clumps of bracken ferns and climbing something-or-others.

At each stage (and almost each handful of weed) the Little Big Fella says to me "Can I help you with that?".  How could I possibly refuse???  The funniest was when I was trying to pull out a rather large clump of ferns, he helped me and I nearly fell on my butt!  Turns out he's pretty strong :-D

By then the bin was full and we were covered in dirt and sweat.  The Little Big Fella suggested we have a "picnic" in the shade with our icypoles.  So we did!

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