Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The joy of friends

I had the pleasure of spending the morning with two new friends.  We met about two years ago but have only recently started spending time together outside of our children's swimming class.

It was so lovely!  The kids played together beautifully.  The conversation was comfortable and comforting.

My family moved towns (as in two hours or more away) three times before I left home.  And I've been reflecting that the happiest times in my life are the times when I've had great friendships.  And the times when I've been most low, are when I felt isolated, even though I may have been surrounded by great people.

I'm sure you've all experienced the feeling that people around you are wonderful, but somehow you're not connecting on a level deep enough to bring you a sense of satisfaction.  There are so many reasons for that too!

And then there are the times when you meet someone and you instantly "click". You feel so comfortable with that person!  It's awesome.

Friendships obviously aren't the be-all and end-all of happiness, but I think they're a really significant element.  It's really hard to feel happy when loneliness kicks in all the time.

I'm a little bit annoyed though.  I'm finally spending time with these two women, who are encouraging and down-to-earth and so relate-able, and we're about to move towns!!!  Why didn't we get together earlier???  I'm really glad for them because they both appreciate the friendship and I know they'll continue after I'm gone, but it sucks that I won't get to continue to enjoy it in the same way.

But it certainly encourages me to make a move on friendships early in our new town.  To make opportunities to catch up with people in un-threathening environments.  To invite people over to for play-dates or meet them at a park.  And more than that, to find families where the Little Big Fella, the Big Fella and I feel all comfortable with our counterparts in another family.  That would be truly awesome!

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