Sunday, 12 February 2012

Nothing much to say, but happy anyway

I'm having one of those great days where you don't necessarily do much, but you feel good anyway.

The Little Big Fella woke at 5:30 this morning and I really wasn't ready to get up.  We put a movie on for him and I dozed on the couch next to him.  Both of us were happy :-)

We kind of sat around for most of the morning really, then decided to go to the pool for a little while... in the middle of the day!  There's a great idea!

We got all sunscreened up and I packed lunch for the Little Big Fella and some snacks for my friend and I, then we bundled into the car and went off to the pool.

It was SO nice and cool!  It's been a little hotter here this week, more like our normal summers, so the cool water was fabulous!  And the Little Big Fella loves to swim by himself now so he gets exhausted and I just have to follow him around a bit, rather than hold him expend huge amounts of energy :-)

Unfortunately, we all got sunburned.  (Insert fail music here.)  Despite the sunscreen, it was the middle of the day and we didn't have hats or sunnies on.  And my friend didn't have a rashie so she got it all over her shoulders and back as well.  Ooops!

The afternoon has passed along mostly in happy, comfortable quietness.  I feel relaxed and content tonight and I quite like that!

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