Saturday, 25 February 2012


March is traditionally one of our busiest most expensive months.  We have five family birthdays, two anniversaries, and my best friend's birthday.  Then another family birthday in the first week of April, so I guess we'll count that too :-)

But, as you might realise from my Penny Pinching post the other day, this year will be a little different.

Tomorrow will be the kick off of our month really.  The Little Big Fella and I will be attending a double birthday plus baby shower party for two of his little friends and their soon-to-be sibling.  I'm putting together a little pack of activities for the kids, including colouring pages and some fun things to do.  It's my kids version of a home made gift.

Given that most of the family live in a different state, my current plan is to do some hand made cards and fill them with heart-felt words of gratitude.  I might attempt to send some baking products, but I'm not sure how they'll go.

I sometimes feel bad about doing handmade gifts.  I feel like the receiver is missing out, because I'm one of those people who love to scour the countryside (or internet, as the case may be) for the "perfect" gift for my friend or loved one.  I try to find something that I know they'll love!

But then I remember that I love receiving hand made gifts!  I always appreciate the effort and time that has gone into making them.  And that, as an adult, I rarely want or need anything in particular, so it's not the dollar value of any gift that I appreciate (unless someone has gone all-out and spent a fortune, in which case I feel quite humbled).

I know my family and friend will be quite happy to be acknowledged on their day with a card full of my love for them.  And just like when I buy a gift, it will be personalised for each one.  Of course, I'll try to call them and talk with them too!

But what do you think?  Are hand made gifts precious to you?  Do you prefer gifts that are purchased?  Or would you rather people didn't bother with gifts at all?

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